Monday, July 23, 2012

K-Pop Songs That I Like (One Time Love)

The criteria's for this list are:
1. I'm not their fan
2. The songs are in my MP3 player *meaning that I like them so much I quickly loaded them into my player* 
3. The love just ended there :( 
*only one song/group@artist*

Block B Nanrina (Go Crazy)

Despite of the controversies surrounding them, I still love this song. It was catchy and fun. And I particularly enjoyed the 'orang utan' dance and this particularly sexy move...

" I don't know I don't know I don't know but I'm hot hot "

FT Island Severely

I'm not really a fan of a band. I always prefer dancing groups but I'm amazed at Hongki's voice nevertheless. So when my friend introduced me to this MV, kept saying "it was sad, it was sad", so I watched it just to entertain him. Surprisingly, the song itself is touching. I can feel my emotions building up listening to this song. As for the plot, it was sad indeed but I already watched the similar *and much more tragic* plot in Jennifer Love Hewitt 2004's movie called If Only. But, this is still a great song. And the only song from FT Island I've listened over and over again so far. 

Credit: hellozaaj

Big Bang - Fantastic Baby

Yes yes yes. Stop jeering at me. Hahaha.. I'm not a fan of Big Bang. But I do respect them. Since my friends are hyping about them, I've decided to give it a try. That time. they're releasing Fantastic Baby. The MV is sooooo unique and weird and new to me that I keep replaying it. The song itself is just catchy and earned a spot in my player.

I think T.O.P looks smexy in this clip :)

2NE1 - I Am The Best

Yes..again..I'm also not a fan of 2NE1. I never dig autotune. Not really my cup of tea.  But both the repetitive lyrics and song are so catchy and addictive, I found myself humming them.
"Naega jeil jal naga"

TVXQ - Mirotic

Despite my friends are crazy over them, this is THE ONLY song I've listened from TVXQ. It is even an old song. Their latest songs are great but not catchy  enough for me to be put into my player.

Credit: noniqlee
I think they're just damn sexy in this clip. ;p
Oh! Changmin's voice is powerful!

T-Ara feat Supernova - TTL (Time To Love)

First time listening to this song, I immediately fell in love with it. Both versions of the song and both of them are in my player. Hahaha.. But that was all. 

G.Na - I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better

I listened to it for the first time on while I was driving.The title is quite mouthful and have so many versions that I did not know which one is right. Haha.. This is the only song from G.Na that I can listen to. The rest are ok but not something that I can repetitively listen to everyday.

Credit: artsyfutsy

And no, I didn't come to watch this video because of Doojoon because I'm not familiar with Beast at that time when I look up for this clip *later only knew that he is Doojoon* hahaha..

ZE:A Mazeltov

The title is weird. The song is simply catchy and addictive. And I remembered watching the clip on tv and look up for them the very next day.

I always chuckled when I come across this part of the lyrics:
" Mazeltov, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday"
It was like teaching the kids about the days in a week. Haha..
And until now, I didn't know what Mazeltov means. @__@

JQT - No Need To Know

I love this song too much when I listened to it during watching a fanmade video about Jongkey *only a partial of it @__@*. I had troubles looking for the information of the song such as the group's name etc as they're underrated. 

Dal Shabet Hit U

I snorted my Coke out when I watched to the diabetes-inducing Bling Bling video. Too much cuteness. But when I listened to Hit U, I'm surprised. It was ok. But I never like their video. 

MBLAQ - Monalisa

As much as I love Lee Joon *because he is funny and a hottie*, this is the only song from MBLAQ I can actually listen to everyday. The rest are just "naaaah.."

How about you guys??
This is MY list so preferences are very subjective. Some of you may not agree with it and I have no absolute intention to hurt any of these group's fans. Some of you might hate Super Junior and Nu' est but I don't mind. :) This is again, a very subjective matter.