Friday, August 12, 2011

50 things of weird me~

I was blogwalking (as per suggestion by my dear Dalin)..I stumbled upon this entry myself and was intrigued to do the same (with a bit of adjustment of course..copy it smartly hokayh!)

1. A well-known trait to all my close friends..I'm an avid book reader..
2. I TOTALLY despise drama (real life or tv drama)
3. I daydream too much
4. My secret ambition is actually 'beauty with brain'..(yeah yeah, I know it's quite impossible)
5. I love Kpop...Special adoration towards Super Junior and After School...
6. I DO watch Korean drama but I fast-forwarded the 'drama' part and lingered a bit at a romantic scene.. :)
7. I love astronomy, archeology and history. I still read those articles to upgrade my knowledge.
8. I looove make-up and skincare.. I read a lot about them (and bought a lot of them too *ehem*..daddy is raising his eyebrows)
9. I can't stop spending money :(
10. I love dark chocolate *some of my friends can't understand why*
11. When I go to Starbucks, I ordered nothing else except venti Caramel Macchiatto with soy milk *my friends can't understand why*
12. I love Starbucks scenery, suitable to read my books *my friends can't understand why*
13. I fall in love with turquoise dress from Sorority Life XD
14. When my mom cook laksa, I eat nothing except laksa.. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper until it was finished... *My friends find it creepy*
15. I love reading while eating...Satisfying..
16. My hunches are NEVER wrong... 
17. I'm not talkative, can appear very 'sombong' to those who doesn't know me..
18. No longer interested in SMS..prefer to make a call instead...
19. Must sleep with a blanket, if not, I feel 'naked'...
20. A lazy lad, with occasional oh-I-need-to-change mode XD *which last for only a few days*
21. My precious collection would be my book collections...
22. I dream of my own mini-library with soft carpeting, a lazy armchair with nice scenery to look at and a mini coffee bar.. 
23. Used to dream to become an Egyptologist...
24. Like to hide the remote control whenever there are archeology documentaries on air ;p
25. I have poor eyesight.. My power is 800 for each eye.. I use lenses instead.
26. Dying to own an iPhone and iPad :(
27. I'm very timid...People rarely see me bursting out...Some of them labelled me Miss Cool
28. Crazily collecting nail colors
29. Really loves to own the similar packaging/book cover when I buy stuffs. eg:  I bought all 3 books of LOTR at the same time so that I can have their similar/sibling covers...
30. Addicted to Korean cuisine
31. I'm a perfectionist
32. Ridiculously addicted to Matthew Reilly's works...
33. Afraid of what others think about me
34. Truly hates karaoke *but I don't mind singing along*
35. Hates crowded places... That's why I never go clubbing or attending concerts..
36. Hates when people look at me especially guys...I feel like screaming at those who even dare to whistle and tease..
37. I find it is really hard to say NO...
38. Love Breakfast @ McD
39. Love my research but it's downright frustrating when I didn't get the expected results after hard works..
40. I used to be a serial liar..until I learned my lessons 2 years ago...
41. I can only work when everything is in place and order..if not, I'll just take a nap to unwind my mind...
42. Hates when people started to boast *feels like sewing their mouths* but don't have the nerve to ask them to shut up...
43. I hate black Hyundai Getz *because of a very personal reason*
44. Think that VW Golf GTI design is totally rad...
45. Purple is my color..
46. I wish I have slimmer body *but can't stop eating*
47. Loves body-con t-shirt and dresses but can't wear them *refer to No.46*
48. I really like to ogles at gorgeous women *but I'm straight
49. Kitschy stuffs are sooo me..I loike! 
50. I love The Big Bang Theory... I watched their shows (Season 1-Season 4) like hundredth times!

Hell yeah I'm bored!