Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review: The Skin Food Choco Smoky Eyebrow Jam No 2

It's 2am and I'm still wide awake and hyperactive with no sign of sleepiness at all...Darn!!
So I've decided to do a review on a piece of my favorite make-up item that I've keep putting off..

This is my first time trimming my thick and unruly eyebrows... So common sense dictates that once you've trimmed your eyebrows, of course you will start using eyebrows pencil/pallet etc right??
I've tried so many items from pencil, to automatic eyebrows to pallet...
Non of them seem to stay on my brows since I have oily skin..
They will eventually fade away...
Until I stumbled upon The Skin Food eyebrow jam..
One of the new-released Chocolate range (me thinks O_o)
So here is the verdict~

RM31.80 or RM31.90?? Ok I forgot..But it's within that range.. RM31++
Kinda pricey but given the elixir inside it..It was worth it..
And I took No 2, the lighter color so I won't look like a failed evil stepmother O_o

1. Jam/gelatin-like texture
2. The brush is attached to the cover

No 2
Before applying eyebrow jam
After application
Thumbs Up
1. Long-lasting (yeay!).. Until night when I have to remove my make-up
2. Neaten my thick & messy eyebrows. 
3. Great for novice (like me!)
4. The color is not to dark or to light.. Very natural..

Thumbs Down
1. The price (haha?)
2. A word of warning though, after application, it will harden a bit. Just imagine applying hair gel onto your hair. The exact feeling..But I don't mind a lil' bit at all..
3.Maybe not for those who have thin/very little eyebrow.

No doubt I will repurchase it again. This eyebrow jam belongs in my precious make-up box where the items inside the box are A-MUST-BRING-EVERYWHERE-AND-I-DON'T-CARE-WHEN-MY-PARTNER-SHAKES-HIS-HEAD

And my recent haul at The Skin Food Mahkota Cheras..
They are always generous with the samples..
And I will try to review all items one by one..
Stay tune..

Thanks for the great service Skin Food...
And thanks to the cash source..daddy..Muah!