Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Nu'est Action

I'm always left behind at doing music video reviews..
Not to mention a noob as well >__<
Like I used to quote in my FB account...
"First After School's comeback, then Super Nu'est"
I haven't have time for my heart to be at peace and calm..
Always hyperventilate at each comeback.
*oh my poor heart*
Not to mention daydreaming in front the laptop while repetitively watching the MVs..

A friend of mine have reviewed it here..
I'm not taking shortcut or being lazy here..
But she nailed it very well..
I might looks like a loser in compare with her review..
So I focus on what I do best..Guys Watching..

Credit: SELCA11

Like Vee stated, the comeback is decent. No extravagance promotion whatsoever..
The MV is also typical but overload with HOTNESS and SEXINESS!!!
I experienced goosebumps watching my younger guys *lame-o lame-o* in action..
I gulped several times *non pervert please*
The choreography is impressive!! Very syncronized..
The song is an earwax candy..:P
Love it the moment I listen to it!

See-through likey!

Sadly, but it is a truth, my white tiger Baekho is kind of outshined by other members *in my eyes ok since he is my main bias*..But he still looks sexy in a see-through net-like white top @__@ *pervert noona??*

In this video, my eyes is kinda glued at Minhyun..His vocal in this song is amazing and much better than in Face. In this video, his mysterious, cold and sexy auras/charms are double up.. *hanyan* *pervert noona again*

Aron..He is handsome as always..Alright. But I like him better without his hair extension. Then again, it might be his real hair..they just cut it..Just like in the top picture. He looks sinfully good looking here..pewwwitt! *oh hi vee* *guilty guilty* hahaha..

Oh? Whatcha looking at love?? I'm just tying you for while... *saiko noona fan*

JR..JR..JR..always and forever blessed with killer looks and killer gaze. I don't mind tying him with those wires..hahahaha *perverting again..;p* He keeps stealing my heart.. *give it back!!* His haircut here suits him very well..Unlike the wavy one back in Face.

Hello girls! I'm prettier than you guys!

Ren..I feels like hating him for being too pretty and prettier than real girls. But I can't..I can't hate Nu'est.. *melodramatic??* He looks amazing, cool, chick and like a diva here. I even like his outfit.

The downside is, the dupstep is weird. I almost cringing hearing it..

And oh! Nu'est wins this polls!! Congratulation my boys!!!


Why I'm super excited about this?? Last time I've checked (which was yesterday) Nu'est was left behind by Exo by 2000++ votes..
The power of L.O.^.E *ok I don't really know how to this symbol..somebody teach me please!*

All Pictures Credit: SELCA11