Sunday, August 8, 2010


Recently, I've been head-over-heels with SHINee..So crazy downloading their vids and pics..Although I'm a noona to them..I don't care..Why I have to be born 4-5 years earlier than them??Waaaaaa!! I like them too much now..But don't fret now my dear chingu..I'm still head-over-heels with Super Junior..Their my 1st love with K-pop...My fav?? of course the JongKey couple..I love Jonghyun for his manliness-yet-cute look and his golden voice..Give me goosebumps..I simply love Key's super cute diva attitude..I really wishes they are my donsaeng..Sigh~

credit: sment

~The image that I adore~
Key-sshi..yaaah! love love~

The hot JongKey couple that I love too much now!
Sungmin-oppa..Don't worry..I'm still in love with you..(geli la plak dengar..tapi tak kira)