Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Favourite Masks

A few months ago, when I do a self-check on my skin conditions, I am genuinely horrified to find that my skin in serious conditions. Acne everywhere, problem eyes, littering with dark spots, very very dull and dehydrated... So armed with money *sobs!!! T_T*, I've started extensive DIY treatments on my skin..I still can't afford to do facial.. :(
So for these few months, I've started with weekly mask sheets and a sleeping mask...
So here I come with my own favorite masks after several trials on different brands...

Favorite Sheet for Oily/Acne-prone skin

TheFaceShop Herbal Therapy Clarifying Mask Sheet
I hauled a lot of them since they're on 30%+5% sale..
Retailing at RM6.90 (normal price), I find it very affordable for frequent usage. The smell is soothing and not overpowering. And you do can see the different after pulling off the sheet. Your pimples are soothed and the redness is reduced..And after frequent usage, your skin does become less oily in appearance. People doesn't believe me when I told them I have oily skin..:)

Favorite Radiance Mask Sheet

The Skin Food Snow Tea Mask Sheet
I'm hooked at the first moment I've tried it. But to make sure I'm not making rush decision, I've tried it three times..And hoooo yeah, I'm truly hooked. Retailing at RM8.90, this mask is not dripping wet with essence when we take it out from the packet. No mess at all. The smell is super nice (kinda musky tea scent, oh come on! I'm not good at describing smell). After patting the essence into your skin, there is no sticky feeling and my face does look a little lively than before. We'll see after a month. :) I just wish it's a little cheaper..Hahaha..

Favorite Hydrating Mask

Hrmmm..I'm still looking for my favorite. But at the moment, I'm using this mask sheet. My face does feel smooth to the touch and a little bit radiance. But what I dislike about this mask is the smell.. Strong ginger smell. I'm nearly choking but for the sake of my dehydrated face, I'm holding on *life and death situation..hahaha..ok gedik*

TheFaceShop Herbal Therapy Healthy Mask Sheet
And I'm yet to try this but currently the mask is out of stick at my favorite TheFaceShop outlet.

Favorite Sleeping Mask

TheFaceShop Raspberry Roots Sleeping  Mask
The beauty consultant once told me it is a best-seller both here and in Korea. And after using it, I believe her! The smell is sooo good and the texture is gel-typed and absorbed easily into my skin without sticky feeling..Next morning after rinsed with warm-water, my skin feel soooo smooth that I become self-obsess with touching my skin. Haha..Months after, my congested pores are significantly reduced in number and my skin become much more smoother, As for the lifting/firming part, I don't actually feel it. Maybe because I'm still young?? *perasaaan*
Even though pricey, it's highly recommended.. :)

Moi sans make-up.. T_T
My complexion after 2 months of mask sheets. The dark spots and occasional pimples are still there..But my skin is smoother, and I can actually see *and experiencing/believing* the radiance especially on my upper cheeks. And the dark circles have permanently become a citizen there..Hurrrmphh!
How about yours??