Monday, May 16, 2011

McD Banana Toffee Sundae

Last friday (ehem, another put-off entry because jan-jang......I don't have internet connection for 3 days..lame!), I went to McD Bangi with The Roommate. Our mission was to purchase the Blue Coca Cola Can Glass Meal..ehehehehe...So here I saw new sundae flavor: Banana Toffee.. Curiosity hits me and I gave it a try...

....The yummyliciouspromo  picture version...

The reality version..ooh ooh! Did you guys see my Blue Coke Can??hehehehe..
My personal review on this new sundae flavor? Depends on the person himself/herself..The Roommate found it delicious..For me, it's an acquired taste..At first, I was gross!! It taste like you pour a bottle of cough syrup into your sundae...But after a few spoonful, I finally tasted the delicious banana and toffee flavors..And I finished it! I'm quite surprised because I'm on the brink of tossing the sundae away..
Have quite a long chat with The Roommate..We didn't even noticed the time passing by..And she kinda blames me and the Blue Coke Can aura for making her miss soap drama Nora Elena..Cis!! Hahahaha..
Oh oh McD promo..Buy 1 McChicken Free 1 McChicken..Only on the 18 May 2011..I already printed my coupon but still wondering whether I should go or not..Have quite a disaster during the McD Breakfast promo..Hahahah..

You can download the coupon here: McD's  Malaysia Facebook Page
My Purple Can Glass and Happy Meal's Spongebob Cup.. hehehehe..
OMO! Now waiting for my Lime Coke Can Glass..