Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Journey on Becoming A Playgirlz

p/s: It is not the promiscous playgirl, it is the After School fandom name. Better clarify first before my poor mom suffer from a heart attack thinking her daughter is the actual playgirl ;p

I was watching a rerun episode of Inkigayo yesterday where After School still promoting Flashback. And I still have the same goosebumps attack as when I first watched their comeback. And then, I feel proud calling myself a Playgirlz.I feel proud watching After School performing on stage.

I found myself reminiscing the moments when I acknowledge their existence, taking interest in them, memorizing all members, humming to their songs, called myself a fan and finally choosing my bias.

2010: Getting To Know After School

1. I was introduced to k-pop.
2. Crazy over Super Junior.

I was watching Star Dance Battle at that time and was rooting for Suju. While waiting, I watched others. That time, AS was against SNSD. I still remember how amazed I am watching their movements and started shooting lotsa questions to my friends who are much more familiar with k-pop. Trust me, I only knew Suju, SNSD and DBSK. T____T

Since AS is not as famous as SNSD, my friends knew so little about them except Uee since she is once part of WGM. 

Watching the dance, I went like "OMG OMG OMG!!"..They are really good, creative and powerful especially Kahi..She is

Then, unsatisfied, I look for more After School dance videos. Major salute to them, they were really good in dancing. And I started thinking, why don't I check their songs and videos too.. 
Here, at this very moment, I started my journey alone as most of my k-pop loving friends are not interested in knowing After School. 

Next, I've checked their latest single at that time, Bang!. Honestly, Bang! does not leave any significant affect on me. The song was so-so. Not something that I would listen again. But, I kept coming back watching their MV, because... 
1. I really really like the girls' images
2.Their dance routine (because I keep checking their live perf)
2. UEE (yes, at that time I think UEE is the most beautiful)
3. Bekah alluring gaze (I wrote about it here)
4. Raina's adlib

The journey continues when I decided to know and memorize every members and I've started digging back their past songs and MV. Here, where I started to fall for Jungah.

2011: From Interested to Love and Meeting a fellow Playgirlz

Here, I've declared myself a Playgirlz as keep updating myself with their latest news, comebacks, variety shows and pictures. In other word, I've become obsessed. I started to forget Suju. :(

 I started blogging about my love to them and here, my fellow Playgirlz and blogging buddy, Vee left a comment on my chatbox "All hail After School".. I've become super excited!! Yes! A living Playgirlz!! Trust me, being at my place, knowing another Playgirlz/Boyz, will excites you.

But things started to look bleak when they announced that Bekah is graduating. At first, I 'thought' I can accept this graduation and admision concept. But when one of your bias is 'actually' graduating, it hurts so much that I thought:
1. Am I going to remain being a Playgirlz?
2. How am I to accept other rapper except Bekah?

I even feel a wee bit down when I heard Bekah's part was being taken over by others. I felt empty, really. As if something is missing, not right.
But because I'm still crazy over Jungah and the rest of the girls because they are extremely gorgeous, I still jumping up and down everytime I watched their performances and videos!! Their dances excite me. Their songs haunting my ears. I keep humming them.

2012: I'm a TRUE Playgirlz

Again, I received another bad news. Kahi is graduating. AS dancing backbone is graduating! And she is my 3rd bias. What will become of After School? One of the reason After School is known is because of the Kahi's dancing abilities. And of course UEE.. Is this the end for After School? 

I pray very hard that it is not. They are talented and they deserve the limelight. Here I've decided, with or without Kahi, I will become hardcore Playgirlz. I will support them.
Surprisingly, I was super duper impressed with After School's comeback and I did not miss Kahi one bit. I even despise those who laments "It is not the same without Kahi" bla bla bla.. Get over it! Love AS as one. Kahi is my blogging buddy main bias and she is not affected that much. She even managed to find herself a new bias (E-Young).
I know, one day, Jungah will graduated, because deep in my heart, I want her to have a solo career as it is her dream to become a performer. That's why you never see her pursuing other activities like acting. 

And I've started going gaga over new AS member, Kaeun. Vee is right, it does helps when you have more than one bias.

Here also, I've started rooting for Orange Caramel. Usually, I despise cutesy concept, but because of AS, I've started liking OC

This is what I meant when I say I love AS as one. Cutesy or sexy, I heart them. Every single member.
And I'm never bored with Flashback. :)