Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Please Support SHINee Kim Jong Hyun..Be A True SHAWOL..

I woke up today with a breaking new..Kim Jong Hyun is currently dating actress Shin Se Kyung..OMO!!! I AM jealous of course..Nearly in a state of crying..Noona is saaad..T_T...hehehe..But not going as far as bashing Jong Hyun or Se Kyung..Reading news about some fans bashing the couple, making her closing her cyworld, rumors some of Jong Hyun's fanpage were closed, anti-fans sites are rising up,saddened me..A true fan should feel happy for them..A true fan should support them..A true fan should always be at their back..Be mature..They are human and human tends to fall in love..What kind of reality that you guys want? Thay one day Kim Jong Hyun will be down on his knees asking you guys to marry him???? Yeah right..If will be possible if we have like 1 millions Kim Jong Hyun's clones to be produce (sarcasm~) to meet the need of the fans..Please,support them..They are human..Like us..I always support them (but with bleeding heart inside..hihihihihi)..Because I'm a JongKey fan...hahahaha..Be a true SHAWOL~

The new JongKyung couple..T_T..congrats dearie..
Cr: SMTown Jjang
Today breaking new..I almost choke on my brunch..
Cr: SMTown Jjang
aaah..the JongKey couple that I love..This love will remain forever..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Clinique 1-2-3 Steps:The case of very 'degil' acne~

I've decided to do my very own review..Because I found reviews are very very helpful to me..Mind you, this base on my personal experiences..I'm not a professional reviewer..So I tends to babble a lot.I used to have pimple-free face..At that time, I was using L'OrĂ©al White Perfect..But the moisturizer made my already oily face oilier..Even the lotion (lotion is for oily skin, moisturizer is for dry/normal skin) made my skin oily. Then I have decided to change to Clinique 1-2-3 Steps as I saw 2 of my friends facial complexions change positively..So I bought the large set of 1-2-3 steps worth Rm340++..My bad,I should have bought the trial kit instead first. The first 4 months, I felt really comfortable as I'm no longer have severe shiny complexion..But after that, pimpless started appearing on my forehead and then on my cheeks. Most of my friends were shocked with this change. I have become pimply-Anne..hehehe..

Now I have stopped using Clinique and right now trying Biotherm Aquasourse Oil-free products..I've learnt my lessons and bought the trial kit instead..So far, so good..Aided with spot treatment, weekly mask and Benefit Dr. Feelgood,my pimples showed sign of reduction in size and less redness..

Currently using Biotherm Aquasource Oil-free

In summary:
Clinique 1-2-3 Steps Pros:
1. Clinique is really worth of your money..Approximately RM1.62 per day..Yes you have to pay quite a lot at your first purchase (RM243/smaller set, RM343/large set)..I have been using Clinique for almost 9 months,and they still have a lot of leftover worth around 4-5 months (with proper usage amount of course)

2. Clinique gives away a lot of trial kits and samples for you to try. Trust me, I had a lot of eye creams, moisturizer, masks and foundations samples.

3. Their consultants (I particularly like the consultants in Metrojaya Mid) are super friendly. They will understand if you have budget issue and won't give you THE LOOK if you tell them that you can't afford the particular items at that moment. 

And hey, I'm not condemning Clinique here. Maybe their 3 steps system is not suitable for me. The consultants told me that it is normal that pimples coming out after I started using Clinique as the system is cleansing out toxins from our skin. But it had been more than 4 months and my skin doesn't show ANY signs of improvements (except from less oily) at all and my pimples are getting worst..Spot treatment and anti-blemish mask are hopeless..I have to admit defeat and stopped using them..One fact we have to bear in mind, different people react differently. I have 4 close friends using Clinique and their complexion is getting better. But I'm still sticking to their foundation, masks and make-up remover. The best and the most suitable for my skin. 

1-2-3 Step Type 3. The one that I were using
The best foundation for oily skin like me

My advise here, buy or ask for a trial kit instead to see whether they suit you or not.

This is the trial kit worth around RM110..But you can ask for free samples instead at their counter  which worth around 2 weeks. Picture credit to:

And I hope this review is quite helpful for Clinique newbies and first-timer.Just sharing my experiences with Clinique

Friday, October 22, 2010

Henpon Kesukaan Saya~

Saya percaya pada cinta pandang pertama..Tapi hanya untuk barang-barang tanpa nyawa, mat salleh panggil inanimate object..kikiki..Masuk je Sony Centre, terus terpana lagi speechless serta meleleh air liur (not literally,malu la weyh) tengok model Vivaz Pro ni..Pomoter comel kat Pavillion ni beritahu harga dia around RM1100..Huhu..Masih mahal untuk student miskin yang bergantung harap kat biasiswa semata-mata macam saya..Tapi masih berusaha gigih kumpul duit nak beli henset ni..Sebenarnya minat iPhone tapi serious s*** (tak boleh mencarut) tak mampu..Henset ala-ala iPhone pun jadik la...

..Yum Yum..
Semoga impian saya tercapai...(hegeh betoi)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mr. Matthew Reilly...Thank You~I'm A Bookworm...

I started reading Mr. Reilly's works just this year..I was just browsing lazily through Borders' collection as I'm in need of new books..I felt really bored..I simply took two books of Mr. Reilly's works; Temple and Seven Ancient Wonders just because (honestly), the covers look nice~(book's cover plays important role too)...Only God knows that I finished the very thick Temple in just one day!!not day, I started reading it after I've arrived in my room and practically sacrificing my sleep because I CAN'T put down the book...It's a page-turning book for me..Then the next day, I continued reading Seven Ancient Wonders..same things happened to me..Then to my utmost dismay, Seven Ancient Wonders has a sequel..damn! Then I started feverishly looking for The Six Sacred Stones and finished reading it in just one day..again..And..again..this book has another sequel and the last book haven't been published yet..I feel like 'pengsan' already..Aiyooh!

Last Friday, jeng jeng jeng!!! I found the last book; The Five Greatest Warriors..The book I've been patiently waiting for its paperback version (I'm a paperback collector)..And finished reading it in just one night..The book really worth every second of my paranoid waiting (ask Mun-unnie,she knows how paranoid I am waiting for this book)..Hehehe..Now I'm starting on reading Mr. Reilly's another trilogy, The Scarecrow Series..

My First Love on Mr.Reilly's works~
The start of a good adventure~
The cliffhanger..Mr.Reilly made us waited for 2 years T_T
The end and I'm loving it!!!!
Why I like Mr. Reilly too much???:
1. He wrote fast-paced action thriller novels. Made you wants to finish reading his book ASAP
2. He is superbly imaginative. He succeed in making you unable to distinguish between real facts and his made up history..I truly believe that there are vertexes out there somewhere waiting for us to discover..hehehe..
3. He gave us the diagrams of his imaginations and the pictures of real stuff like the basin of Ramses. I adored this type of novels..

My friends think I'm crazy..Hahaha..
Thanks Mr Reilly for your books for us to indulge..I'm waiting for more of your work~ 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Dear Endang..Congratulations~(Hari Menunjukkan My Gratitude)

6 Oktober 2010, hari gemilang and gemerlapan serta terbilang untuk my dear BFF Endang..sebab...dia bertunang???dak eh...dia convo..3 tahun tunggang terbalik serta tergolek-golek study nursing and pecah peluh praktikal kat hospital, akhirnya my friend ni dah confirm bergelar misi..Adeh adeh..Endang...Mori appun (sakit kepala in korean)~ngeee..sebagai BFF,aku dah boleh mengada mengeliang-liuk kat Misi Endang ni..

Inside PICC-Tempat bersiap and tangkap gambar
Hebat gila dorang bersiap dalam bilik yang super duper selesa..Ada aircond..Plush carpeting lagi..Masa aku convo dulu, aku dengan Min bersiap tepi jalan ja..Atas jalan tar lagi dengan panas terik..Sia-sia ja bermekap 3 jam..Dalam masa 3 saat dah cair..Oh matahari yang jahat!! 

With her beloved and proud mom
Maksu..congratulations to you too..I know you are very proud of her..Your only child and daughter..You've tried your very best to make her happy..Sebab di pagi hari kejadian konvo tu, Endang dah menggelupur macam ikan keli kat rumah..whoops~..And I'm honestly,no tipu-tipu is happy for you..3 years of hardwork,is finally paying off...

I believe I can fly~
Dah nama pun konvo kan..mestilah ada aksi loncat-loncat..kalau tak,confirm rasa tak lengkap..Tapi disebabkan kitorang tak mampu nak beli kamera dslr yang canggih manggih serta mahal tak hengat punya, nak tangkap 1 gambar loncat-loncat ni punya la susah..Empat kali take baru dapat 1..Pecah peluh Abang Haidi..Dia pun dah separa give up..kekeke..

Alahai..edit la macam mana pun..aku tatap nampak sememeh and tak cantik
credit to DyaLizz Cupcakes
Cuppies ni a gift from me tu her..Sebab dah blur..Tak tahu nak bagi apa..Abang Haidi dah bagi sejambak bunga,Maksu dah bagi bunga+coklat+mini bear..Zaslan pulak bagi bunga+ mini giant teddy..Tetiba idea gemerlapan ni datang..Bagi cuppies la..Malam isnin tu,aku berbisik-bisik dengan Abang Haidi sambil design cupcakes ni..Tapi DyaLizz ada altered sket kami punya design..Masa aku dapat cupcakes ni,punya melompat macam kanak-kanak ribena..Tapi masa Endang dapat lagi hebat..Dia punya peluk kotak tu sambil beratus kali cakap suka, ambil berpuluh keping gambar cupcakes (macam-macam angles)..Dua hari lepas convo baru kami dibenarkan makan cupcakes tu..hahaha..Worth every ringgit I've paid after getting that type of

Berpura-pura membaca amanat Abang Haidi...Whoops~
Happy Couple: Zaslan and Endang
Anyway, sepanjang seminggu endang ada kat sini,I'm seriously having fun..
Endang, thanks a lot for letting me gagau kereta MyVi dia ulang-alik dari Cheras ke UPM..
Maksu,thanks for masak sedap-sedap..Gemuk la saya..Dah la dah cukup gemuk sekarang..
Zaslan,thanks for letting me drive your car walaupun masa mula-mula tu Nurul menggelepar sebab kereta taknak jalan padahal enjin dah mengaum macam singa jantan..Rupa-rupanya angkat clutch tak habes..hehe..
Abang Haidi,thanks for being there for me..Thanks bagi I pakai kereta u pegi UPM..Thanks for declining my offer untuk ganti skirting kereta lepas I dah pecahkan skirting kereta u..huuuu...

Picture editing credits to Mr Hafifi
Picture credits to Abang Haidi

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tunang Kawen Tunang~

Aku tengok recently..ramainya my friends yang dah nak chingu is up next month...Yang dah bertunang and nak bertunang..ramainya tak payah cerita la..guna jari kaki pun tak cukup..adakah aku dengki??adakah aku jeles??No no no...sikit pun tak jeles sebab aku tak ready lagi..masih muda remaja lagi(umo dah tua lagi ada hati kata muda remaja~)..kerja pun tak lagi..tak dapat beli kereta volkswagen golf gti kaler putih lagi..(ni kalau ayah and ibu baca mesti sambil geleng-geleng kepala lagi sebab anak dara dia tak sebut langsung pasal nak tanggung family..dun worry..confirm tanggung..tanak tunjuk baik je..kekekeke)..Tak dapat iPhone lagi (gila materialistik)..Tak sempat explore habis lagi dunia-dunia hiburan Korea yang penuh dengan jejaka hensem untuk di'drooling2'kan..Dah ada hubby mana boleh jerit-jerit sambil tengok SHINee perform kat Music Bank lagi..Kan kan kan??

Adakah aku pun nak bertunang and berkahwin  macam orang lain jugak?? Confirm la nak..kalau taknak..pelik gila..just right now is not the right time yet....because I'm still immature..I'm still a fangirl..I still have a lot of things I want to accomplish..*wink wink*

The best car design I ever seen

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pizza Memizza with Labmates..Aku makan meatballs ja..half caucasian la katakan~

Lab kitorang kaki shopping..Kaya dengan research grants la beli incubator and chemicals mcm beli sushi kat Jusco ja..sign2 cop2,trus baru2 ni dapat la coupon pizza free sbb beli byk barang dgn satu company biotech kitorang ni memang pantang tok nenek dapat makan free and ber'leisure' (kalau suruh wat kerja lab,liat nak mati..soh makan free,mata trus segar bulat, tak payah pakai contact lenses yang kasik bijik mata besar tu..)

Wani..A mommy-to-be
Highlight of the pic...Restoran Johnny's..Wuan Ting as penyeri gambar je..kekeke..
Wei Choong yang suka mintak popo (kiss)
Muaz punya keje (hubby wani)
The beauty of this pic is~Mr Hafifi shikkuro takde dalam ni
Sapekah Mr Hafifi??He's a serial food killer..tu ha..ujung sekali..baik punya tgh potong pizza..orang putih la katakan..kena makan pizza pakai pisau..tak bleh pakai tangan..
Aku : "Wani,use your me"
Wani: :Sis,you actually have brain?????!"
Terasa nak upload event ni sebab:

1. Husband Wani bawak camera canggih gedabak gila datang makan..Jarang la nak dapat gambar kena tangkap pkai camera canggih manggih ni..orang kampung katakan..gambar pun nmpak cantik je..

2. Mr Hafifi shikkuro ni plak edit gmbar2 ni kasik lagi cantik..Org hebat IT la katakan..Kami tolong perosak komputer,dia tolong format..So all picture credits to Muaz and Hafifi..

3. This event left a few momentos to some of us *wink wink*..So,mesti mengabadikan event ni..hahaha..

Contribution kitorang??Kitorang tolong bising,makan and complaint...

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm A Pabo~Part 2

1. Sekarang menggilai SS501 (walaupun dorang dah kena disband) and After School..So sekarang sangat suka menghabiskan masa tengok variety show pasal SS501..Terasa ketinggalan zaman eh?Super Junior and SHINee masih dihati..

Really like them..chua~

Minat dorang walaupun dah terlambat

2. Dah banyak kali kena kejar dengan supervisor and kena sound setepet sebab masih tak hantar draf thesis..Tapi masih tak insaf sebab ketagaq (degil) sangat. Mana taknya, 5 minit tulis thesis,lepas tu kononnya nak coffee break la sbb dah letih tulis thesis selama 5 minit?? Coffee break aku consist of a cup of nescafe mild and 5-hours session senyum sorang2 sambil tengok video klip artis2 korea yang hensem tu and drooling2 tgk kecantikan member2 After School...Padahal dah tgk video2 tu BERATUS kali..

3. Ulang berpuluh kali tengok Boys Over Flower (especially part Yoon Ji Hoo) sebab dah jatuh cinta abes sambil jatuh bergolek dan tergolek kat karakter ni..Mysterious yet extremely caring and sensitive..wujud ke laki mcm ni kat dunia realiti??Terasa macam nak terjun masuk dunia drama ni..Tapi kena jadi cantek dulu..aish! Tapi tapi..minat kat Ji Hoo..bukan minat kat real person Kim Hyun Joong tu..kalo real person..suka Yong Saeng yang comel tu..boleh ke??


5. Penah menjadi mekap artis untuk adik bongsu..Dia masuk costume competition as joker..So aku dtugaskan oleh bos (ayah) untuk jadik designer and make-up artist untuk artist perasan yg sorang ni..Hasilnya dapat tempat ketiga..hebat..dia sangat confident atas pentas..tak macam kakak dia yang cepat lembik lutut tiap kali atas pentas..

Make up artist and the celeb perasan

The Joker..Susah gila nak cooperate dengan dia..suka fidget masa make-up..dah sememeh..

Tak rasa malu berjalan sana sini dengan eyeliner kat mata..

..sebab asyik suka buat benda tak berfaedah..

I'm A Pabo (fool)~Part 1

Lama gila tak update!!! (Ni kalau ayah dengan ibu baca blog,mesti sambil geleng2 kepala sebab anak dara dia tak insaf2 lagi sebab suka tambah word 'gila' kat every word as hiperbola..kononnya extreme)..Kalau blog ni makanan,bakteria and kulat dah bersuka-ria berpesta (alamak,termenunjuk plak..mentang saintis 'pending' *wink2*)..Apa yang dah terjadi kat aku selama nak dekat dua bulan ni? Adakah semakin chantek macam Park Ga Hee After School???Tidaaaak...

1. Jerawat dah menjajahi muka..bertumbuh dengan riang..(benci betol)..sekarang nak tgk cermin pun trauma..cewah!mcm la dulu kulit gebu..padahal kuning sama ja..hehe..sekarang berusaha gigih membasmi jerawat dengan pedang duit T_T..

2. Teknik pembawaan kereta dah semakin baik..Hari tu parking kat MOSTI (gila sungguh parking kat sana,double parking!jakun sket),berjaya parking mengundur (org penang cakap parking pungkoq)..Terasa kembang hidung yg extreme and terus amek gambar as bukti kejayaan..padahal Min terpaksa keluar dari kete  and guide aku dari luar 

Mind you..keta buruk ja..just nak show-off bleh parking punggung dulu..(keciknya impian aku...)
3. Walaupun dah bleh parking mengundur tapi dah 3 kali bawak keta lupa nak tutup pintu driver rapat2..Bila belok je,tetiba terasa angin bayu tiup2 kat muka,bila toleh tengok,rupanya pintu tengah menganga..Nasib baik pakai seat belt,kalau tak, dah terbang melayang masuk parit. Mesti Kak Mun and Min akan rasa seram sejuk sebab mula2 rasa angin masuk,lepas tu dengar aku jerit and tetiba tengok driver hilang..Dorang mesti pikir Anne dah kena colek dengan hantu..Rupa2nya sedang bermandi-manda dalam parit...Padan muka..Cuai sangat..

4. Sejak 2 menjak ni suka salah sebut..Baru2 ni pegi Starbuck,masuk muka cool gila (sebab masa kecik2 dulu selalu fikir orang yang minum kopi ni cool and matang), cakap kat barrista tu guna slang orang putih celup " One venti iced Creme Brulee Macchiato subs with soy sauce"...Patutnya soy milk..Muka barrista tu dah cuak gila..Ada customer pelik and gila nak letak kicap dalam macchiato dia.."Soy sauce??!!!" Kak Mun dah menyembur gelak, Min dah jauh dari tempat kejadian (nasib baik)..Barrista tu senyum leper sebab tahan gelak sebab takot nanti aku saman malu..sob sob sob~

The sinful Creme Brulee Macchiato

Thinking about them make me crave for them again!