Monday, November 29, 2010

My Best Friend Wedding: Min biased~

The cronologies:
19-11-2010 : Solemnisation
20-11-2010 : Wedding reception (The bride's side)
21-11-2010 : Wedding reception (The bridegroom's side)

The pros:
1. Syukur Alhamdulillah the wedding ceremony went smoothly..
2. We feel so happy for her.Finally becoming his wife after nearly 8 years of sweet and bitter moments together. I was there you know when they become a controversial couple (I was one of the busybody people) during high school.
3. Even though held at her village in simple ceremony, not in lavish ballroom or what-so-ever yang bazir-bazir tu, still joyful (ok,dah blur nak letak words hebat-hebat sebab vocab pun kureng)
4. The theme color is lavender!! My fav!! Chua~
5. Hurmmm..hurmm...hurmm..apa lagi??? (Serves you right Anne-J,nak sangat buat in point form..Ingat ni powerpoint presentation ka?)

The cons:
1. Hokay, have to be straight-forward..please accept my apologies Wan and Min, I DID saw a few mak-chicks yang duduk goyang kaki sahaja, just bringing their god-damn handbags and waited to be serve. Come on! This is your niece wedding. Once in her lifetime. Even I don't mind shedding sweats for the sake of my best friend wedding. And yet I'm A guest.Hello hello (tetiba terngiang lagu SHINee)..
2. Felt like a bit piece of your soul is taken away (and terpaksa bagi kat Wan,hehe) the moment she became someone's wife. She has her own priority now. Boohoohoo..Okay Anne..stop..asyik emo je..esok pun kau kahwin jugak..aish~
3. And a few sad scenes which will only known by us. Huurm...Special report from our undercover reporter...(sshhh..rahsia!)

The homemade wedding cake
Cr:Dyalizz Cupcakes
Min loves Wan..
We love Min too!
The lovely bride
Beautiful right?? To all Penangites whom plan to get married, I recommended you guys to check out this Jalinan Kasih Boutique (quite famous in Penang). Everybody praised how beautiful Min is. The make-up brings out her feature and her inner-shine (wah,dah macam iklan Pati Beri Innershine..hahaha)..
After solemnisation ceremony
The lovely couple
The wedding dais
Simple yet elegant
The fangirls~
Wedding reception at ??? (okeh lupa sebab tak pergi)
Boohoohoo..Wan, please take care of our dear Min-sshi..Please please please allow us to still do the fangirls screaming when we watch MuBank, MuCore and Inkigayo..hihihi..mode:mengada..
Owh,now dah hebat sikit (sikit je) Photoshop..(idung kembaaang~)