Friday, March 11, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

I initially wants to watch Unknown but the movie is not yet available (I think so) at TGV Mines, so I had to choose the movie with suitable timing (I ada curfew UPM T_T)..Oh well, wanna say thanks a million to Driver because I'm so gedik jamban nak pegi The Mines sebab nak rasa cinema baru renovate, and I beritahu last minit, dah terlajak,tapi demi melayan my gedik gegeh ni, kami kembali ke jalan lurus..lalu kawasan perumahan demi The Mines..
Ok enough ads, back to main subject..The movies up to our choices are Rango (driver dah kembang hidung sebab cite kartun), Hikayat Mehrong Mahawangsa (sepantas kilat driver buat signal X) and tadaaaa..The Adjustment Bureau..We decided on this movie because yalah, ada Matt Damon kot..mesti gempak..poster promo pun gempak..bajet cita ala-ala The Bourne Supremacy la (ye ye..I'm a noob tak baca sinopsis dulu but hello,I bajet nk tengok Liam Neeson kot)

Gempak kan??
The rating??Errrr..How do I begin..hurm..okay I won't bothered to even rate it..The only 3 words I can came up with are.....
WHAT THE HECK......???
I just didn't get this movie (no no I do understand the plot), it's predictable and very very very disappointing...
The only thing that made my trip worthwhile is the newly-renovated TGV Mines..Good job guys..But the toilets remained berbelit-belit-boleh-sesat-wooo...Couple seat dia gila exclusive..I dok seat biasa ja..Tapi mata terbuntang la tengok keindahan seat tu..Memang different from old TGV Mines yang dulu even ada kes tikus main kejar-kejar dalam tu..
Ehem*throat clearing*
I ended up commenting the cinema instead..but you get my points..
1.45 am..Jom bumbum..