Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Aging Gracefully~

Hokaaay...When I wrote aging gracefully, that doesn't mean I'm an old wrinkle woman..
I'm a year older, when I look back, I've realized that I've changed a lot positively, years by years..
Well, getting a year older is not really making me go "hip-hip horay"..It does have that "oh man, I getting older" feeling..
But I'm really looking forward to build my life as I planned...
Realizing I'm getting older and older making me go back down to earth, less day-dreaming and more of making my dreams coming true..
*eleh, tetibe feeling mature la pulak*
*padahal tade topic nak tulis..pfffft!!*
To those who remember my birthday, thanks a million..I really appreciated it..
To those who even went for the troubles celebrating it, there are no words appropriate for me to express how touched I am..
Just capable of murmuring a humble thanks.

Kantoi umur?? ;p

I'm truly grateful with everything that Allah swt has given and showers me with...
Syukur Alhamdulillah..