Saturday, June 18, 2011

After School: All The Best Bekah~

I was down with cold and flu yesterday..So never wonder I will missed the most upsetting news in my After-School-Loving life...Bekah is graduating..Due to family distress and her desire to further her study in design..True, I'm TRULY upset as she is my favorite rapper..I envy her body shape..Very healthy..And to me personally, she's very beautiful and talented..So sad to see my favorite girl group to lose such an amazing woman..I started to fall in love with her (in a harmless way..hehehe) since I first noticed her in After School's MV Bang! I think she is very beautiful and alluring..I really like her facial expression in that video.. T_T

Reminiscing the first moment I saw her....
Cool right???
Once a favorite, always a favorite
We wish you millions good luck Bekah..
Well, I/we have to respect her wishes and wish her all the best...Gonna miss you Bekah..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Lama tak hapdet sebab demam selsema + batuk (pastu lagi ketegaq dok minum ais) nak dekat seminggu *halasannnn..hehehe*..Well, balik Penang baru-baru ni, dapat la spend time dengan family especially adik-adik I yang gila vavi ni..Memang best sangat..Rindu sangat kat depa..Tu yang, jejak kaki kat KL, trus kena demam..hahahaha..

Hahaha..mesti la taruk gambar SS dalam toilet dulu...

Lepas tu camwhore dengan adik bongsu yang pantang-nampak-camera-mesti-posing-gedik..

Berkepit dengan adik-adik yang perasan hensem..muahahaha

Bila masa itu banyak ,ini lah jadinya..

Kesian dia demam...*aku jangkit dengan mamat ni la kot!*

Promosi adik no 2 yang jarang ada dengan family sebab sibuk
Ni pun sebab ManU lawan Barca, kalo tak payah le nak tengok jejaka kacak ni *sarcasm* dengan kami..Tu pun balik awal sebab tensen tengok ManU kena belasah dengan Barca..Muahahahaha~
Last but not least, tengok la video gedik budak kecik nama Naqiuddin ni..sumpah dia gedik bila nampak camera..Tak caya tengok la..

Oh dear...
I really miss them..
Macam mana nak kawin ni??
*apa kaitan??*

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

After School Boys???

Pledis Entertainment announced that they're holding auditions for a new group that will be called 'After School Boys'...I have to admit, I'm flabbergasted and excited at the same time...First, why would Pledis want to name the group after a popular group (it will be like a sister/brother groups)? Could it be because Pledis was hoping that After School Boys will continue After School's successes?? (Well, After School is known for their fierce dance choreographies, unique concepts and pretty faces and etc which I can't list down right now because my mind is totally blank)...Second, will After School Boys will be as good as After School?? (I'm really really hoping they are, if not, there is no sense naming them after After School)...
Well, Kahi already named 2 of the boys.. Dongho and Jonghyun..Dongho had previously starred in After School's MV-Play Ur Love (oooo,it such a sweeeet song, I like!)...

The poster: They were looking for the last member of the group
Dongho (left), Jonghyun (right)
This will be the first male group to be debuted under Pledis Entertainment..There will be possibilities of Pledis changing the name of the group..Whatever their name are, if they're good, I will supported them..Hwaiting!!!
Credit to: allkpop

Friday, June 3, 2011

Muzdalfa Fried Chicken: The New KFC???

I had another ‘makan-makan’ session with The Roommate, The New Friend and The Boyfriend (ehem, not mine though..hahaha)..This time we went to Muzdalfa Fried Chicken or MFC located at Bangi…The Roommate claimed that this restaurant is always pack with people so we concluded that it must be good and a must-try new restaurant. Taking a fast food concept like KFC, MFC serves fried chicken (original and spicy), variety burgers and additional pizza on their menu…
The Downside:
Before I started complaining, I must stress that we have NO absolute qualms against Muslim/Malay/local restaurants taking concepts like KFC, McD, Pizza Hut, Starbuck etc. In fact we are very happy to fully support them (even if we have to pay extra) providing they give us similar qualities like those well-known restaurants..
    1. Why it is always pack with people?? Because the service was ridiculously SLOW! At first we thought the food must be really good that people kept coming. How wrong we are! It should not be called fast-food restaurant. It should be named as slow-food restaurant. Most of the people I observed (including us!) were cringing just by looking at how slow the services are. Everything is at snail-paced. The order enquiries, the packing etc. FULLSTOP.
Just want to emphasize the number of people in a subtle way...asking them to pose..hahaha..

The slow counter..hmm

2  2. The foods are..hurm..very disappointing… The fries were soggy and tasted weird as if they were fry in recycled/unfiltered oil. The spicy fried chicken just tasted like original fried chicken only with extra breading. And I happened to get the weird-tasted original fried chicken. It was like I’m eating a non-fresh chicken. The dinner rolls were quite ok. So did the Chicken Tikka Pizza. It was ok so I won’t go hard on them..
Original fried chicken..yum!! err..not really

The supposed-to-be-spicy fried chicken

The fries. The quantity were lesser that they were supposed to be so they look like we had ate half of them..

Dinner rolls. No complains about them.

MFC logo

Bendable straw The Roommate said straw maju
Chicken Tikka Pizza

The Good Side:
1.   1.I have to give 4.5 stars to their interiors. Well matched with KFC, McD etc…They even have condiments section complete with extra plates…In fact even better because they have prayer room facility in it. Equipped with Executive Room, playground etc… It’s a near customer-friendly outlet (oh well except for the counter services) Two tumbs up…Keep it up!
2.  2. The non-counter services are good because there are staffs ready to serve us at the second floor and they keep asking us whether we have completely received our order or not. 
3.  3. It’s a Muslim restaurant, so we will have zero doubt about its Halal status..People can eat at ease..
Condiment eh

The provided plates that I was rambling about before..hehehe..

Playground section

Will we come again??? No and yes..Not unless they improved/upgraded their services and foods...If they do that, I have faith that they can compete with well-known fast food restaurants. 

The Camwhoring Section

Tak tahu la which drama bersiri TV3 yang dorang cuba nak re-enacted balik ni.Nur Kasih or Nora Elena??

say cheese~

Ok back to our phone..The Roommate geleng kepala

Ok seriously out of topic but I'm seriously in love with this drink now..

Thursday, June 2, 2011

After School Official Color~

Yeah yeah..I bet most of Playgirlz/Boyz are aware of this..I'm a noob..Forgive me..Last I checked, the official color is Periwinkle..Due to some complains, they change it to Yellow...So more reasons for me to add more yellowness in my wardrobe, accessories and my kitschy stuffs..woot woot..

Haaa..How I wish I'm a Korean Playgirlz.. T_T
The seating for the fans during Dream Concert 2011
Darn!! i really wanna go and support them!! Huhu..
Aigoo...I really envied those who went to the concert...

Hoping for a bigger international fanbase for After School because they DO deserve it..Support them please..Hwaiting!!
Credit to afterschooldaze