Thursday, May 5, 2011


I watched this movie twice..First with The Federal Counsel (yeah yeah, they also know how to have fun you noob..hahaha) and second time with The Officer..Why I have the heart to watched them twice?? Because this movie word only..SUPERB..recommended..

Oh of course I'm not going to waste my time giving lecture on it's synopsis..Just go here: Thor . Why I love this movie??

1. The actor potraying Thor, Chris Hemsworth is speechlessly hot! Familiar with his handsome face?? He also played as 2009 Star Trek's James T Kirk father, George Kirk...

What an eye candy..Don't you agree??
2. This supposed to be serious movie have funny (not cheap) elements in it! I had a few laugh myself even though I've watched it twice.. :)
3. Oh yeah, I'm fan of comic/book-adaptation movies. It's fun to watch the cartoon characters are bring to life..
4. I'd give this movie 9 out of 10..

Seriously, go and watch it.. 
Ok now..
I wanna go and daydream about Chris Hemsworth even though he's married