Friday, July 6, 2012

Daiso Japan : Pengikis Wang

No no no..
I never been to Japan..
Or here to condemn Daiso..
It is totally my own fault for succumbing into the homaigod-everything-is-RM5-so-cheap-facepalm scheme..

I love going into Daiso..
It was like going into a Disneyland for shopaholic..
Lots of stuff to discover and *ehem* buy..
The items there are sooo kitschy and cute and cheap!
*And not to mention unnecessary to me because basically I don't need them urgently*
But....I ended up buying them anyway.. @__@
I'm not the only one having the Daiso fever, my colleague too..
She will go into Daiso at every single free time she has..

I bought two cash envelopes..
Big one for separating my cash into i.e fuel, bills etc..
Let just face it, if I put everything inside my purse, I will have this very kaya feeling and ended up spending all those beautiful cashes..

The smaller ones, I saved for incoming Hari Raya..
I MUST HAVE THEM as my 'sampul raya'!
They are cute and unique!
*Well, I honestly loathes money packet with words like Jusco, Citibank etc splashes on it!*
And my so-called manly and though little brothers have to accept the cute kimono sampul raya or receive NO duit raya from me at all..
*evil laugh*

And a few unnecessary stuffs I bought *tsk tsk* except for the purple water spray..
It is for my 70% alcohol and because it is purple.. >__<
So that my workbench looks cool.. ^_^