Wednesday, July 18, 2012

After School’s Jung Ah once dated a man 7 years her junior

It turns out After School‘s Jung Ah is into younger men.
On the July 17th broadcast of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, After School member Jung Ah revealed her ideal type. “I have a lot of younger dongsengs around me, so I would like a dependable younger man for a boyfriend,” she said.
Fellow group member Lizzy who calmly listened to Jung Ah explain her ideal type then suddenly blurted, “She is an expert when it comes to younger men!”
Despite looking a bit taken aback by Lizzy’s remark, the 29 year old Jung Ah admitted that she once even received a love confession from a young 19 year old.
She then revealed, “I once dated a guy 7 years younger than me,” shocking everyone on set. “As long as he is not a minor, I am open to dating a younger man.”
Source & Image: Newsen via Nate
Credit: allkpop
Homaigod Jjung-eonnie!!! It is unexpected from you! I never see this 'side' of you..
Then again, it was not all-round shocking if young men confess their loves to her. She's perfect. She's beautiful, serene, soft yet so sexy and strong. Even I'm, a girl, going ga ga ,obsess and fan-girling all over her. Let alone the opposite sex. Young or older than Jjung-eonnie, I don't mind as long as she is HAPPY. :)
To commemorate this shocking fact, let us ogle the many sides of beautiful Jung Ah-eonnie
Jungah The Goddess
Beautiful Jungah

Even UEE wants to hug her ;p
Sexy Jungah

Cute & Dorky Jungah

Finally, Jungah The Omma

Yes yes yes..I know this is too much..But I can't just get enough of her. Anymore pics, I might as well open up a blog ONLY for Jungah..Hahaha..
All pics and gifs credit to : Jungah/tumblr