Saturday, August 11, 2012

So Full of Myself Episode 6: Fasting Month

I've kind of on temporary hiatus from blogging world for a while.
Fasting sure zaps my energy very fast even though I'm taking Blacksmore's Executive B daily.
I have to juggle my work and studies at the same time. My study due date is nearing and I have to finish it a.s.a.p...
And my August life does not really agrees with me.
Apart hectic schedule, I've been facing some problems/drama *ekekeke*..
These episodes did sucked all my mood.
But today, instead of more weeping and self-destructing thoughts, I've decided to move on and make myself happier. :)
So please look forward for happier Anne-J
*possibly more wacky..hahaha*
So please enjoy my 'buka puasa' meals.
I have this nasty feeling that I'm going to gain more weight during Ramadhan instead of losing some. Tsk tsk tsk...

KFC Green Curry! Surprisingly good!
Kenny Rogers' aftermath!!

And look who is in my wallet now!!! Ekekeke..

I'm sorry Siwon-sshi..But I'm sooo over you. We did have great times together. Remember every time I opened my purse, people seems to think that you are my SUPER HANDSOME boyfriend???? Hahahahaha... *saiko*
I've moved on to younger guy. *fanfiction again*