Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Be Careful 2

Remember my story here??
Well two days ago, my colleague, alone in the shop during her morning shift, was a bit unlucky as she lost her Xperia phone.
That time she was attending an innocent male customer when a Malay male came in and wandered around and went out. The very next minute, she found that the phone that she had partially hidden between the books, has been taken. In just a mere minute!!
Angry, she called her phone almost immediately and that fool actually answered the call.
I think he was having trouble unlocking the phone at that time but never cross my mind that he will actually answered the call.
My colleague treaten him and asked him to bring back the phone to her right now.
Well, of course he is not bringing back the phone back. In 5 minutes, the phone was shut off. I figured he already found the way.
So the lesson here:
1. Please please please be careful, this may sound like a small matter but what if this involve something bigger like your life? Better safe than sorry. Better be paranoid than 'terkena'..
2.If you own an android phone, better download an app that will detect the location of your phone through the net.
Just for the sake of sharing.