Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nu'est July Comeback Teaser

My sodding life is getting better and better...
I haven't gotten over my After School fever..
Then, came a new over Super Junior comeback..
And now......Nu'est!!
*I'm getting crazy crazy here..somebody please call an ambulance*
Nu'est released their upcoming comeback teaser today (28th June 2012)...
Each of them is holding an opera mask with dark mysterious background..
And leader has one-of-a-kind pink/purple opera mask..teehee..

Their next comeback is due in mid-July..
Credit: dkpopnews

My Kpop Bias (Female Group)

This is a counter-attack post to Vee..
This is war vee..Waaaaar!! *ehem enough drama*
In conjunction with my previous post on my K-pop bias (Male Group), I'm sharing with you all, my female Kpop bias, namely the female group.
But since I'm not really much of a fan of female Kpop groups, I will also stated  my mini-bias on other groups that I always keep track at each comeback..

Real & True Bias

After School-Jungah
My close friends are aware of it. I'm kind of going crazy over her..
I keep track on her updates..
Downloading her latest picture..
I've started falling head over heels with Jungah when I saw her in Ah! clip.
I feel in love with her soft features and yet so sexy..
And I really like her voice.. thinking hard how to avoid Jungah being 'kidnap' by Vee..Hahaha..

Nine Muses-Hyun A

Yesss..I really like them..Surprise huh? Like AS, they also have the sexy and mature aura that I really like. Actually, I was kinda horrified at their debut track 'No Playboy'..I never give a damn about them until they came back with 'News'..There everything began..I set my gaze upon new member, Hyuna. I was mesmerized by her beauty..

And she's crazy despite her looks. Just like Lizzy After School. Actually, every single member is gorgeous. Just like After School (again). Kinda hard to choose a bias. But I settled on my love-at-first-sight momentos..hahaha..


Miss A - Fei
A really great and talented group. But I'm not really a fan. But I always have my eyes on Fei..

My heart, my eyes and my mouth keep telling me she's beautiful...

F(x) - Luna
From Chu until Electric Shock, I'm attracted to Luna because she's talented and her voice is superb. This is the first female member that I've like because of her voice. 

Kara - Gyuri
I don't really like their songs. I don't really dig their images. But i can't really peel my eyes off the leader..

With or without makeup, brunette or blond..She is just..bloody perfect..

And oh..this time, my biases are almost based on looks and hotness..Nothing much to do with talents..Hihi..I'm baaaaad~