Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blood-type Based Personalities..I'm Type B!

It may sounds absurd..but I do found this theory's fun reading about personalities based on blood types and horoscopes..This fad was brought popular by the Japanese..They even conducted scientific studies aimed to breed better soldiers..Wow! I wonder if I can breed a better boyfriend??haha..

Type O
Believed to be the original blood type..The grandfather of all blood types..
Type A
Mutation of blood type O around 20,000 BC gave rise to blood type A. 
Type B
Another mutation occuring around 10,000 BC gave rise to blood type B. (Me!)
Type AB
A mixture of blood type B and A gave rise to new blood type which is AB. Occuring around 1500s. Some say they are

So instead of babbling..I kidnapped a summary of blood type traits from Wikipedia (hihi~)

Oh please please enjoy these comic strips..It's hilarious!

ROFL.. >_<
That cute B type character is sooo me..Hmm..I wonder if I'm that carefree~



  1. wowhh. gile lah. tak tau pulak ade studies yg mcm ni punye extreme tgk blood type and characteristic. tp memang ade yg betol!

    well. i belong to group..ehem..ehem..the genius one..AB.

    hahhaha! (genius la sangat)

  2. tu la...sound superstitious tapi at the same time scarily accurate..hahaha..aku B..serious perangai aku macam tu kot..driving ke,perangai ke..hahaha..btw,cartoon strips tu comel gile kan??
    hello hello syura the genius..the next Einstein..

  3. Well...i know..I'm A BIT moody n tend to get angry easily..hehehe...besela ati aku baik...hehehe

  4. miza:eh?ko blood type ape eh??confius..o or A??

  5. KyuhyunTeukiTeukiOnewJanuary 24, 2011 at 9:53 AM

    perasan tak,type B slalu diassociate dgn kucing dlm comic strip ni? that is so me!!! I'm a feline lover!