Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Super Junior 6th Jib: Sungmin, Kangin, Kyuhyun and Siwon Teasers

Again, I'm reviewing 4 teasers at a time..
So that my post appear longer..
As usual, our boys' teaser are getting more artistic..
Gulp!! Containing my excitement very very hard because I'm at work!!! But...but...but..but...I can't!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! He's my bias!!
Usually, I fall for members with THE VOICE but here, there is an exception..
Because he's too cute and adorable!!!
I feels like gigit (bite) him, cubit (pinch) him..SM might sues me for for sexual harrasment..muahahaha..
Dubbed as pretty boy in the group, he looks exactly like a princess stepping out from a manga..holding a flower..searching for her-slash-his knight in a shining amour...
So soft and serene..with a lil' bit of sad expression on his face..
Maybe because his soulmate is so busy playing games to notice him..muahahaha..


The raccoon stepping out as priest-slash-evil warlock (in my opinion O_o)
With veil-like hood, he's blowing a cold kiss that will turn any fan into living ice for staring unblinking at his gorgeousness..
*ok I'm talking nonsense here..haha*
It's great to see him back at stage after two-years temporary hiatus due to military sevice..


The simplest and the greatest teaser so far...And I'm 200% sure that my eonnie is having ultimate spasm there back at JB..Because, (gulp!) I myself going "whoa..whoa..whoa"plus some jaw-dropping and spasming.. He too looks lost..Maybe looking for his lost princess-slash-prince a.k.a Sungmin..He-slash-she is looking for you too Sex God!! (O_o in my imagination) Oh my, he looks so masculine..And perfect.. No need all those mind-boggling headgears and extreme makeup to emphasize the hotness in our maknae..Damn!


Eeeeek!! Siwon-sshi!! He's donning a wig and flowery hat too..And still looking masculine as ever..The trademark bushy eyebrows give him away..And thank God he's not semi nude in undies short..He's looking like a white witch....with a *ehem* flower hat..hahaha..