Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Slang??

While browsing my facebook page, I stumbled upon these comments in my very young friends' facebook pages (14 years old i guess)...

1. "biar laaa aqw nucx tlis pa pown...hahahahx:)"
2. "jup larx aqw x uat g larx g bwu nucx uat rmai owg g lorx..."
3. "gllew larx aqw.."
4. "x tao larx agak2 cpew erk..?"
5. And many more..

I bet my very precious Matthew Reilly's collection that most of you have no idea what these youngster were talking about.Right??Me too..I have to reread several times and decoded these words.It baffles and exhilarates me at the same time. It's fun to decode these words..Haha..
This made me remember during my time when I used too much of simplified sms words like str8 (staight), mcm (macam), yg/y (yang), blk (balik/bilik), pkl (pukul) etc to send sms to my dad that he was having hard time to understand what I'm trying to tell him. One day, he had enough, and sent me his own version of slang..It practically rubbish and I had to call him asking what he's trying to say. Then he 'sound tepet' me, saying that he also having hard time understanding my sms slang. Since that day, I've stopped sending simplified words to him..His magic works..But I still used such words to send sms to my friends..They do understand and used the same words to send sms to me..
Maybe this new slang is understandable by these newer generation but not me..Let alone my parents..Tiba-tiba terasa tua.. T_T
Sebab dah down kena la pegi makan kan??hihihi..

Pasembur Padang Brown (broom) yang sedap..lalala~
And owh, my darling Min-sshi, I will upload your wedding pictures later as I'm going to ask Mr IT to edit them for me..hihihi..It is a precious moment to me,so mesti buat chanteek chanteek!