Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Nu'est Baekho

My Nu'est first love and first bias...
White tiger Baekho..
I fell in love with him during the After School's Play Ur Love clip..
He looks so pure and white, I feels like pinching him..
Eye-smiled prince has turned 18 years old today..
(17 years old internationally)
And making me feels very very old, personally.. @__@

Saengil chukha hamnida Baekho-sshi..
Please be happy and cheeky always..

Credits: champest

Opinion Piece: Non K-pop Fan on Nu'est

This is an opinion piece requested by admin, Anne Jalil. I shall be nameless and she asked me to write a piece on Nu'est as she is excited with my interest on Nu'est. Before I started, let me clarify a few things. This is a on-the-surface piece. I did not do research etc. I just write what I can think is an honest brief opinion and forgive me if this piece does not meet your expectation. Normally, I'm a Korean Pop hater. I'm a typical man who only listens to alternative songs, ballads,rocks, hip-hops and sometimes pop but definitely not k-pop. I despise the concept and I think they're overrated and talentless. The evil marketing of promoting good-looking guys and girls with zero talents. Sugar-loaded girl groups, the trying-to-hard cute expressions and men wearing makeups which make them look like queers. And I thinks bro-mance is a sin.

But I will give credits to Big Bang and 2NE1, as they're the real talents for me, the non k-pop fan. But I won't elaborate on these two groups. Everytime admin Anne watched Korean music videos (her usual selections will be the ridiculously too many members Super Junior and After School and *Infinity-I don't remember)
My usual comments will be:
"That guy used too much makeups"
"Dah macam pondan tengok"
(translate: he looks like a queer)
"Tukar tengok benda lain boleh tak?"
(Can we watch something else?)
"Can you stop playing these songs?"
I think she is really angry and boiling listening to these.She got fed up and I also got fed up and she stop watching them in front of me.Now one day, I caught her watching 1 video clip telling about school's bullies. My eyes caught on one female looking member (now I know his name is Ren). Honestly, I was a bit smitten and asked her if this is a mixed group. She said no. That 'girl' is actually a real boy. I'm shocked. I saw Korean queer looking guys but never a girl looking guy (*later she showed me one of the Shinee guy). The song, Face really caught my ears and likable. I've secretly downloaded the song and secretly watching their live performances. Sooner or later, I was caught by admin. Instead of laughing and jeering, she asked me why.

Here is my reply:
"Yes, I usually hates looking at guys putting too much makeup. Instead of making them look cool and manly, they look like queers. Now Ren is a different story. That image of his is fresh and new. Instead of looking like a half man, half girl, he looks exactly like a girl. But I can still see his manly manners and physique. Surprisingly he have muscles, he dances like a man, he acts like a man, he sounds like a man*. This is the image I can accept. Because of the entertainment industry, he's bringing the pretty boy image but he is still a boy nevertheless. I can see that in the clip. As for the rest of the members, even though they used makeup,  they're still masculine. Everyone of them. For me, Nu'est nails it. And their songs are good. I can really listen to them without commenting too much."

Their voices are not the best I ever heard. Same thing goes to their dance routines. Or the songs. But I can safely says that I'm bewitched by them. First time, I think there is an ok k-pop group (aside Big Band and 2NE1 as admin is not really fonds of them). What really impressed me is, the fact that they just debuted this year, making them a newbie. But to me, they does not look like an amateur, they look professional enough. This goes by saying, if Nu'est works hard enough, no doubt they will be an international group one day. And I'm shamelessly admitting that Ren is pretty, and JR is very masculine. Kudos to Pledis Entertainment (heck, I even know the company handling them) for the amazing concept and the bold move by imprinting dupsteps in the songs. Nu'est is fresh.

Admin tried to make sure that she is not being bias here, so she showed me another new groups that she also likes, Exo and the *bunny-logo group (I can't remember). I just think they are just a normal korean group. Nothing special but not irritating as well. But a credit to the bunny group. Their songs and dances are powerful, but I'm not enchanted enough. :)

And no, I'm not admin's boyfriend. But I do heard about her partner also liking Nu'est Face. I'm not surprised. Her partner also dislikes K-pop. Just like I did. But I may change my rebellions against k-pop a little bit. They just gained some of my respects. And please forgive my English.

With regards, nameless guy.

Anne's here!
He's hopeless!! Let me clarify a few things also. The sentences with the * symbols.

*Not Infinity, it is Infinite
* The SHINee member he stated is Taemin
*He saw and heard Infinite's Sunjong, he think Sunjong is queer *pondan* =__=  aduih!
* The bunny-logo group is B.A.P
Tsk tsk tsk..
Please do not bash him. It was cool he wants to write for my blog *ok ok I have to bribe him with Venti-sized Starbucks*

Keith, Lawak Kampus and Me

The title is laaame-o    =___=""
When I buy something from Gempak Starz, it will be the mushy-slash-cheesy love comics..Hahaha..
But I love how the artist drew the character's expressions..and it was funny. Not because of the love stories.. (ok ok..comel jugak kisah percintaan budak-budak ni tapi takde kat realiti ok!)
My kononnya-macho brothers, of course la tak layan cerita cenggini,
so they introduced me to Lawak Kampus..
Oh how I loved it so much I quickly started my collections.
This is also a good news for my brothers as they don't need to buy the comics anymore..
Just wait for me to come back from KL..
*jimat duit*
And I think the cartoonist, Keith is quite cute too *with his hat on >__<*
The short comic strips are very funny *sometimes tak masuk akal.hahaha* and good as a very light reading.
Yela sapa nak baca ayat panjang-panjang kasi pening kepala hari-hari..
Aku pun tak boleh.. ;p
Punya la minat sampai sanggup beli yang koleksi punya padahal dah ada yang siri-siri tu, hanya sebab ada tambahan komik yang tak pernah diterbitkan.. Isk isk isk..
Ada separuh di Penang. Adik-adik buat bungkus belacan. Ntah apa jadik la kat komik-komik tu. Adik-adik aku ni bukan pandai jaga buku. Hari tu balik, rasa macam nak luruh gigi-gigi tengok keadaan komik tu. T___T

Teringin sangat nak berjumpa dengan Keith and minta dia sign buku ni..Tak dapat semua, dapat yang koleksi tebal tu pun jadi la..Tapi ntah bila.. :(
Bila dia buat personal appearance saja, mesti aku busy.. pffft!!

Keith <3

Personally, I think Keith done a GREAT job as an local artist. He has won many awards. Kudos to him. He deserved them. His comic strips improved from time to time.
Now, I'm hoping Malay cartoonist like Lambok and Chang (I'm not sure Chang is Malay or not?) from APO? can do such collections too..I will definitely buy them. Their cartoons are EXTREMELY funny. I laughed my teeth and guts out everytime I read APO?..