Thursday, August 9, 2012

All About Nu'est - Minhyun Turns 18

Today, Malaysian time, my Nu'est second bias, Hwang Minhyun turns 18 (Korean age) years old!!
And I feel so old........again..hahaha..

Saengil chukha hamnida Minhyun-sshi..
The straight and narrow guy..
Supposedly to have that icy-cold and mysterious aura but turns out to be very warming *and a camera-whore*, nerdy and cheeky guy..
And a very pretty 'girl' too.. ;p

Nu'est official fan cafe has change their layout to commemorate the handsomest and tallest Nu'est member's birthday, Minhyun.
So does Champest!

Credit: Champ'est

Champ'est new layout

Credit: Champ'est

Credit: Champ'est

Oh Minhyun-sshi, you make others look like a a dwarf..Haha..
May God bless your soul and keep fighting!