Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mr. Matthew Reilly...Thank You~I'm A Bookworm...

I started reading Mr. Reilly's works just this year..I was just browsing lazily through Borders' collection as I'm in need of new books..I felt really bored..I simply took two books of Mr. Reilly's works; Temple and Seven Ancient Wonders just because (honestly), the covers look nice~(book's cover plays important role too)...Only God knows that I finished the very thick Temple in just one day!!not day, I started reading it after I've arrived in my room and practically sacrificing my sleep because I CAN'T put down the book...It's a page-turning book for me..Then the next day, I continued reading Seven Ancient Wonders..same things happened to me..Then to my utmost dismay, Seven Ancient Wonders has a sequel..damn! Then I started feverishly looking for The Six Sacred Stones and finished reading it in just one day..again..And..again..this book has another sequel and the last book haven't been published yet..I feel like 'pengsan' already..Aiyooh!

Last Friday, jeng jeng jeng!!! I found the last book; The Five Greatest Warriors..The book I've been patiently waiting for its paperback version (I'm a paperback collector)..And finished reading it in just one night..The book really worth every second of my paranoid waiting (ask Mun-unnie,she knows how paranoid I am waiting for this book)..Hehehe..Now I'm starting on reading Mr. Reilly's another trilogy, The Scarecrow Series..

My First Love on Mr.Reilly's works~
The start of a good adventure~
The cliffhanger..Mr.Reilly made us waited for 2 years T_T
The end and I'm loving it!!!!
Why I like Mr. Reilly too much???:
1. He wrote fast-paced action thriller novels. Made you wants to finish reading his book ASAP
2. He is superbly imaginative. He succeed in making you unable to distinguish between real facts and his made up history..I truly believe that there are vertexes out there somewhere waiting for us to discover..hehehe..
3. He gave us the diagrams of his imaginations and the pictures of real stuff like the basin of Ramses. I adored this type of novels..

My friends think I'm crazy..Hahaha..
Thanks Mr Reilly for your books for us to indulge..I'm waiting for more of your work~