Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nine Muses: My Second Girl Crush!

It is kind of hard for me to go ga ga over girl groups..
I do like the songs, but I don't go up to extend of 24/7 looking for their latest updates and photos..
First, I was blown away by After School..
Secondly, at early 2012, I was blown away for the second time by Nine Muses..
Like After School, the members keep changing..
But not because of the 'admission and graduation' concept..

They're also however *to me* are underrated. They're not as famous as SNSD, 4 Minute or 2NE1..
To be honest, I was quite repulsed at their debut single 'No Playboy'..
I don't give a damn about Nine Muses since then.
2012..While I was looking and updating myself for some quality musics (to my ears..because personal preference is very subjective), I stumbled upon their latest single News.. It was so good that I immediately downloaded both track and the MV..
And I keep replaying..Not satisfied, I look for other track, Figaro..
And since then, I can't have enough..
But since they not given enough spotlight, there are very limited supplies of their variety shows. I have to relies on others to upload the very rare Nine Muses shows. 
Then they came back with Ticket. That song blows me away immediately the moment I heard it.

Current Members

Sera (Leader & Main Vocalist)
Hyun A (Main Vocalist, MY BIAS, joined in late 2010)
Lee Sam (Lead Rapper)
Erin (Main Rapper, Face of The Group)
Eunji (Main Dancer)
Kyungri (Vocalist, joined in 2012)
Hyemi (Lead Vocalist)
Minha (Vocalist,maknae)
Newest Member

Son Sungah

Former Members

Rana (left to pursue individual activities)
Bini (left to pursue individual activities)
Jaekyung (left to pursue modelling)
Despite the limited access to their shows (do something about it, Star Empire Entertainment!), I'm loving them too much.. *ok..not as much as I love After School*
But I saw enough to fall in love with crazy Hyun A, Erin and Lee Sam..

Here are the reasons:

1. Most of them are crazy backstage
2. They carried pin-up girl image..Stunning, mature and sexy..
3. Most of them have great vocals. Even for Lee Sam, the rapper. 

Credit: KissGeneration

4. Their dances are always synchronized
5. Great live performances
6. Every single of the members is drop dead gorgeous. With or without makeup.
7. Most of them are downright crazy!

Funny Moments (See Hyun A crazy boxing and then moaning why she can't have a boyfriend..haha)
Credit: KissGeneration

0:52 - Hyun A making the cat dance with her.. :)
Credit: KissGeneration

Hyun A fooling around
Credit: KissGeneration

How I wish there more variety shows on them so that I can get to know them better... :(
And I'm proud to declare myself a STRUTTER..

Sumandu : Nine Muses Profile
Wikipedia : Nine Muses (band)