Thursday, April 7, 2011

When Men Bake and Cook

It's a notion that tickles me..Men nowadays are far more talented in cooking rather than us women..For example, have you noticed that well-famed chefs are majority dominated by the XY God's creature?? Ok, just focused on my small examples instead..

My dad and my lil' bro..When they to put it..depa katok, campak masuk periuk, katok, campak masuk periuk..kacau-kacau..campak (campak BUKAN measure) garam etc..tutup api..siap..hiasan??serious dah macam sampah tengok...rasa????MARVELOUS gilaa...nak lagi!!!

When me and my mom cook..hiris bawang cantik-cantik..bagi minyak panas..tumis bawang..bagi wangi..masak masuk garam pun, hati-hati..sikit demi sikit..lepas tu beratus kali panggil ibu rasa..tak cukup..tambah lagi sikit..panggil mangsa lain plak rasa..tak cukup..tambah lagi sikit garam (by that time, ikan pun dah hancur)..hiasan makanan gilang-gemilang..rasa???boleh laaa...or..ok laaa..or..(muka jadik hijau)..

You girls have been in my place?? Ever wonder how THE men cook campak-campak yet produce a marvelous dish?? And we girls masak ikut protokol and yet can't over stage them?? Hahaha..

Well, another male cousin gave me his homemade cheesecake (that looks inedible..*angkat kening*)..but..a spoonful of it just literally made me swoon..Ridiculously yummy despite its looks..

Owh..I really had to show off that beautiful planner of mine..hahaha

A spoonful that made me swoon

By less than 15 mins, this is all that left..hahaha..

I'm so happy eating that I had to 'gedik-ally' posted on my facebook page..

Me baking?? Muahahaha..
Chef Wan has to be send to psychiatric ward after supervising my baking techniques..
*wink wink*