Thursday, April 14, 2011


Peeps!! Remember my gila-nak-makan-macaroon entry?? Tak hengat?? Cis!! Hahaha.. Klik syinie yer..So that day, my friends asked to me to go to tadaaaa...Levain Boulangerie Patisserie...bagaikan orang mengantok di sorongkan bantal..terus melompat kesukaan.. :)

These colorful bite-sized pastry are SIMPLY delightful! They tasted just like I had imagined them to be..Sweet, crispy on top, soft and chewy in the middle and delightful yummylicious fillings..Well, my friends aren't really fond of them because they're too sweet..Well, I simply LOVE them..oooh~


The sweet selections..

Ours....nami nami!

Half-gone macaroons..most of them were in my tummy!

Pwetty aight??
The price is RM3.90/macaroon..But if we buy 10 or more, the price is down to RM3/piece..A bargain for 1st timer like me..My favourite?? Would be the macchiato and the arancia (orange flavoured)..The durian-flavored is a no no to me *i'm not a durian lover* :(
Will I be coming back again for more?? OF COURSE! But I would really like to try them at other places so that I can compare..

I'm NOT the delightful sweet little stuff..hahaha..just want shiok sendiri :)
Pictures credit: Seridik and Nomey
Ok dah dumok..jom balik sit-ups~