Monday, April 25, 2011

Overly High Maintenance Women~

No no no.I’m not talking about us, women being financially high-maintenance. It’s about emotionally high-maintenance.  I always wonder why I always failed in a relationship. After a few months, guys will gradually start to lose interest in me. Leaving me wondering why…
Then, in those moping (Yeah silly me!) sessions, I often blame myself for not being beautiful enough (I’m an average gal with little nose bridge and toothy gap), not smart enough etc until it broke me. I’ve become a girl with self-esteem of -80 degree Celsius (Brrr..Brrr).
Then one day, I’ve been re-reading my November 2010-issue CLEO and I stumbled upon this article. “The BIGGEST Relationship Mistakes Women Make”.  One mistake HIT me like a big rock falling out of the sky (Ouch!). “Women being overly high-maintenance”. Men usually can accept us being financially high-maintenance, ESPECIALLY if we buy them ourselves. It’s being emotionally high-maintenance that makes men running away, far far away from us...
Emotionally high-maintenance women need a lot of attention, pick on the smallest missteps, are highly sensitive, being too needy, and worst of all, expecting men to have sudden ability of reading our minds.  Sure, no woman wants to be like that but when we become so comfortable with him that we started to let our insecurities conquering us. That’s when things started to get ugly.
It got me thinking. Yes I have to admit, I’m overly emotionally high-maintenance. I always expect my partner to READ my mind.Muahahaha.If like that, I should have just date Professor X from X-Men instead.Hahahaha. I NEED to change. I WILL and I WANT to change. Are you gals like me? Please does change before our men start avoiding our calls and SMSes. Before we start blaming others and before we start our self-criticism which will eventually cost our self-esteem lead to our self-destruction. I’ve been there. Now I’m proud owner of myself, proud of my achievements and GRATEFUL with everything HE has granted me with.  
I'm not pretty and I'm grateful for it~