Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All About After School : Jungah's Hairstyle

I was browsing afterschooldaze@wordpress 2 days ago when I realized something.
Jungah is sporting a new hairdo. She has bangs now.

During live perf at Green Grove Festival 20120722
There is one thing for sure, I HATE it. She looks like ahjumma (makcik/aunty). What was she thinking? *or what was her hairstylist thinking?* @__@

I'm sure most us Jung-Ah eonnie's fans will agree. Judge it yourself.

Here is a compilation of her past hairstyles with bangs/fringes on. :(
The biggest picture is the latest one. She looks older than she supposed to be.

Here is the compilation of her past hairstyles that I think suits her extremely well.
Long, short, brunette or blonde, she rocks them all without the ahjumma-looking fringes. She looks like a sexy angel *Is that a sin?Saying sexy and angel in one sentences? ;p* She looks mature (not in ahjumma ways), drop dead gorgeous and serene. Those hairstyles enhance all her beauty features.
I think she also looks great with a side-swept bangs. Depends on the main hairstyle.

The most disastrous hairstyle
Haish! If she is my biological sister, I might considered sueing the hairstylist and giving a lecture to her myself as well for agreeing to this style!! Thank God she is blesses with beauty, if not, even Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notredame looks better!! :(