Wednesday, June 20, 2012

After School(애프터스쿨) - Flashback MV Review (with lots of sexy word in it)

Is out!! The MV is out!!
Thank God..
Now I'll pray for world peace.. 

Here's what I think about it..
This is my last minute update..
I might be a bit blur on giving the right description and words..
But I MUST, i repeat, I MUST blog about this!!

The Music
Like a friend of mine stated, it's not a love at first hearing (eh, betul ke??)..
I even need sometimes to adjust my ears to this song.
It's an acquired taste..
But it is not a bad song..It's just a normal song..
You can read her opinion piece on this song.
She nailed it better.
I don't know how to properly describe a song..
Lots of things to learn..
It's not really the greatest song of AS.

The Music Video

Now here's the upside of everything. The MV is balancing back (no no, make it overbalancing) the songs. Making it such a one superb comeback..
This MV is everything like I have imagined! It is dark and very sexy.
And oh my! That sure one hell powerful dance..and sexy.. (Did I just mention sexy again??)..
But I'm not really sure about the gun scene either..
But Jooyeon certainly looks convincingly full of vengeance with her gun on that guy's head..
Every single one of them is gorgeous and sexy (there you go, sexy again)..
Sex Goddesses..
I can't really determined who is the most pretty..
Ok I lied..Of course it's my Jungah-eonni..
I can't peeled my eyes of her..
I'm officially a part-time lesbian..
I never thought I would go crazily ga ga over girls..
Only AS have that effects on me..
*Damn you PLEDIS!!*
And, I still feels heavy in the heart realizing Kahi is no longer part of AS..
Live long AS!