Monday, October 31, 2011

Review: After School Diva (Japanese Version)

Alas~ The long-awaited Japanese version of Diva is finally out…I’m freaking and frigging excited when I watched the teaser..But when the actual PV is out, I’m down right disappointed..No no no..not with the girls *they’re cute as buttons!!* But with the music…It doesn't give the exact climax-reaching *please let go any of sexually-explicit content in your frigging mind* goose bumps when I first watched the Japanese version of Bang! *In this case, I even prefer the Japanese version better*

1. Like I always said, the girls are always, and forever beautiful, gorgeous, pretty etc especially my Jungah-eonni!! Her hair is adorable! Shaving years from her face, making her looks younger…Gahee-eonni , no need to explain further, she’s forever beautiful *wonder if she drinks the elixir of life??*

2. I’m soooo digging their ballet-inspired shoes *I always dream that I can pull this look, but I’m too short…Not to mention my ala roasted-chicken thigh -___-*

3. I love Lizzy’s rap, kinda making-up the fact that I miss Bekah…

4. As for the dance moves, I like them both the Koren and Japanese versions *maybe due to the fact that I adore AS too much and the fact that I think they’re dance goddesses especially Gahee??*

5. Well, even though I didn't really favor the Japanese version, but since AS change the beat, I wouldn't mind putting their song in my mp3...It gives a fresh change every time I listen to my mp3... *well unlike SNSD, or even Suju, the beat is just the same, except the language is different,so I see no sense of putting them in my player since I already have the Korean version*

1. I prefer the Korean version of the tap music. It gives the adrenaline-rush feeling…The Japanese version?? None..I even flabbergasted.  The music didn’t emphasized or focus on the tapping moves..Blinded by the auto-tune sounds.. pfffftt!

2. Like the tap music, I prefer the Korean version of Diva..But I’m not hating the Japanese version though…I can’t bring myself to hate anything associate with After School *talk about hardcore fan*

3. I’m soooo not digging the robotic sound of “Diva”

4. I’m simply re-watching the video just to see the girls…really..

Hmmmm, VEE quote “Yea, changes aren't necessary good, but seeing something different is worth a try . ^_^"

I still love them like hell though..
Hail After School!!
And owh…why I didn’t review the Japanese version of Bang!???
Because there are only two words to describe the video....

 “Pure Awesomeness"
*I’m sooo not used to blogging with just a few words…teeeheee…*