Saturday, October 29, 2011

Perfect Females

I’ve wrote about perfect males, now as an beauty’s appreciator, I should write about my perfect females… All these celebs I listed is based on my awed-at-first-sight experiences..
Sigh, again..Nooo...I don't have any latent homosexual tendencies...
I dream of kissing Lee Min Ho, not Megan Fox *euwwww*
I truly admire beautiful girls slash women…This is totally based on look through MY point of view..

One Malaysian celebrity that I think is beautiful is Ummi Nazeera...

From Nur Kasih..She played the look-as-sweet-as-candy evil sister Sarah*thanks to my mom, I have to watch the show with her*
To me, she has authentic Malay look..I’m not a fan of Pan-Asians’ look…No offense to all Pan-Asians..

Then, another girl is Megan Fox…

When I first saw her in Transformer, I went like ‘meowww'..she’s super hot..I can totally understands why most of the boys slash men go gaga over her..Dark hair, bluest eyes..She’s perfect..But when I saw her picture sans make-up, I’m quite repulsed..huhu..

Park Gahee
Without heavy make-up
No need to explain further with all the brushes in sight..not much different eh?? still beautiful as ever
Like in my previous post, as I admired her beautiful body, I also admire her beautiful face…With dimples, she’s one of a kind..With or without make-up, she’s rock!!

Kim Jungah

I also went gaga over her when I first saw her in AS’s music video Ah! In Bang!, her bowl-cut hair really made her appeared older, definitely doing nothing for her, thus I didn’t notice her at all *only noticed during her famous bang bang bang’s dance moves* She has a very soft and serene facial features, motherly yet gorgeous face, making you feel calm just by looking at her face..She's my favorite AS's member!!

Park Gyuri

Have no qualms when people call her goddess.. :)
Even though I’m not her fan, but I still think she is utterly gorgeous with or without makeup…
How about you guys??