Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review: The Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Line

*This is a post from my other blog which I'm intended to close. So before I close it, I'm transferring all my reviews to here*

I was kind of anticipated the release of this new skincare line targeting pore and oily skin which are my major skin problems.
So when they're released, I grabbed myself a toner, an emulsion, a serum and a smooth pore cream.
I've been using these for more than 2 weekstwice a day and here is my review. I was not paid to do this review. This is my honest opinion.

1. Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner - RM70.90
2. Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Emulsion - RM70.90
3. Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Serum - RM75.90
4. Fresh Apple Smooth Pore Cream - RM50.90

Main Ingredients:

Green Apple
Consist pectin and tannin. Pectin is fibre good in controlling sebum production and tightening pores. While tannin is an astringent good to normalize pore size and tighten inelastic skin. Green apple also consist high amount of Vitamin Cthat can act as antioxidant.

Cho Jung Carbonated Water
1. Also known as Mystic Water from Orient and is one of the best 3 mineral waters.
2. Originates from Cho Jung Li, Korea.
3. For skin hydration.

Texture, Color & How To Use

Texture and Color : Clear and watery
How To Use : After cleansing, pour into a cotton pad and wipe skin.

Texture and color : Clear and watery. Slightly richer than toner.
How to use: After toner, massage on face.
*This emulsion boggles my mind. I was expecting and opaque and slighly richer lotion. But it does hydrates my skin.*

Texture and color : Opaque and cream-like
How to use: After emulsion, massage on face.
*Just like Peach Sake line, this serum will give you matte finish, so must use after emulsion and contained Palmitoyl pentapeptide which is good forsmoothing wrinkles*

Smooth Pore Cream
Texture and color : same as serum but slightly richer.
How to use: Last step in skincare routine, before primer/BB cream
*this is not a cream, but a pore finish cream to gives silky and matte finish. Contained evermat*

I used these 4 products alone, twice a day for more than 2 weeks and I did not mix with other products. And I did not edit any of the result pictures *honest!*and I used as best as I can the same lighting, camera and everything.

Cleanser ----> Apple Sparkling Toner ----> Apple Sparkling Emulsion ----> Apple Sparkling Serum ----> Apple Sparkling Smooth Pore Cream ----> Peach Sake BB Cream No 2 -(review here) ---> Black Egg Pore Finish Powder

Instant Result (upon application)

1. Bare face (no skincare)
2. After all 4 products of Apple Sparkling
3. After BB cream and loose powder

Up-close, I'm amazed at the instant pore concealing effect.

1. Bare face
2. After 4 products of Apple Sparkling
3 & 4. After makeup

Looking at my whole face pictures, there is not much of the differences except for my face have become more radiant and looks smoother.

After 2 Weeks

Both bare face.

Thumbs Up
1. Looking at my results, I'm amazed at how smooth and radiant my face has turned into. I'm very happy.
2. My makeup never stays this long. Whole 6-7 hours without blotting *trust me, this is an achievement for me*
3. No break outs*the breakouts are because I was sleeping with my makeup on for 2 days in a row. Don't do that*
4. Like I stated in no 2., my face has become 'normal'. Less oily than before
5. My pores have become LESS VISIBLE.

Thumbs Down
NONE. I'm a happy user. :)
Oh please, not for people with

Definitely. This time, I planned to buy whole range. :) and see the overall effect.