Saturday, January 1, 2011

After School Gayo Daejun 2010: Bang!

Cr: KpopMusicx

Ooooh..I really have to share it because Jung Ah and JooYeon are extremely superbly gorgeous in this perf..oh no!Don't get me wrong..Every After School member are gorgeous..Just this time I can't tore my eyes from these two women! aish! I wish I'm that beautiful!

After School Comeback : March 2011 with 9th Member

Yeay!!!! News on their comeback..Anticipating for their album..this upcoming March..Yeay again!! But this time, there will be the additional of the 9th member, Noh Lee Young..
Yeah, some people will despise her and the Pledis Entertainment for keeping adding new members until we lost track of the current members..Swell,before you keep bitching, just make sure you are all AWARE of After School concept..Which is there will be 'graduations' and 'admissions' of the members..Just like real school..they are not definitely SNSD or Kara where they maintained their number of members..Stop comparing them..chebal!

After School 5th Generation: Noh Lee Young..can't wait to see her in actions!!She's gorgeous!

After School Bang! performance at MBC Gayo Daejun 2010 together with the new 9th member..She gave a sterling guitar performance..I kinda like her already..She seems edgy..maybe she can more colors and spices to After School..meow!
Oh,not really aware of After School's concept??Click this link 'After School:The 4th Generation'..This blogger really gave good description of After School..
Oh March!!!!Please hurry!