Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally..Somebody has to say enough~

When you're living in a hostel, you have to cope with lots of thing that you didn't like or hate. For example, I really despise inconsiderate people a.k.a lazy people. I'm not saying I'm not lazy. No..I'm lazy as hell *you can ask my mom* but at least I'm not dirty and still consider others' feeling. 
I've been fuming when I saw that a certain set of inconsiderate students who did not throw away their leftover food  into the dustbin and decided to make the sink a 'temporary' dustbin..Hello! There are 2 big green dustbin outside the toilet. I can't see why it is soooo hard to throw away your waste first before proceeding to the toilet..Some of us are brushing our teeth and washing our faces there. Please imagine how would you feels when we're about to go to sleep and decide to brush our teeth first when you saw these yucky leftover food strewn all over and inside the sink??????
Then, I saw another set of inconsiderate people who washed their dishes at the place where we do our laundry..Imagine when you wants to wash your clothes when you saw bits of rice, veggies and worst, that sardine smell all over the place??? It's ok if you wants to wash them there, but please be sure to clean up after your mess..Again, please be considerate..
Worst of the worst, a certain set of inconsiderate, foolish and super-lazy people who actually had the nerves to throw away their leftover food inside the sanitary pad bin..OMG!! *macam syuaib Sepah selalu cakap*...The cleaner only change the bin once every two weeks, so can you imagine the foul smells coming from there?? Because the bin is meant for sanitary pad, not food!!
Then, before I can explode, there is a certain set of people who has been fuming *like me*, decided to act...

Totally agrees with you Ms Mysterious

We're educated people, why can we think like one?? Why we have to put up notices *with sarcasm* when you guys can actually think?? What is the purpose of your brain?? Just to sit prettily inside your head?? So don't complaint when people are treating you like a third-class mind because you're acting like one...