Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blood-type Based Personalities..I'm Type B!

It may sounds absurd..but I do found this theory's fun reading about personalities based on blood types and horoscopes..This fad was brought popular by the Japanese..They even conducted scientific studies aimed to breed better soldiers..Wow! I wonder if I can breed a better boyfriend??haha..

Type O
Believed to be the original blood type..The grandfather of all blood types..
Type A
Mutation of blood type O around 20,000 BC gave rise to blood type A. 
Type B
Another mutation occuring around 10,000 BC gave rise to blood type B. (Me!)
Type AB
A mixture of blood type B and A gave rise to new blood type which is AB. Occuring around 1500s. Some say they are

So instead of babbling..I kidnapped a summary of blood type traits from Wikipedia (hihi~)

Oh please please enjoy these comic strips..It's hilarious!

ROFL.. >_<
That cute B type character is sooo me..Hmm..I wonder if I'm that carefree~