Sunday, October 24, 2010

Clinique 1-2-3 Steps:The case of very 'degil' acne~

I've decided to do my very own review..Because I found reviews are very very helpful to me..Mind you, this base on my personal experiences..I'm not a professional reviewer..So I tends to babble a lot.I used to have pimple-free face..At that time, I was using L'OrĂ©al White Perfect..But the moisturizer made my already oily face oilier..Even the lotion (lotion is for oily skin, moisturizer is for dry/normal skin) made my skin oily. Then I have decided to change to Clinique 1-2-3 Steps as I saw 2 of my friends facial complexions change positively..So I bought the large set of 1-2-3 steps worth Rm340++..My bad,I should have bought the trial kit instead first. The first 4 months, I felt really comfortable as I'm no longer have severe shiny complexion..But after that, pimpless started appearing on my forehead and then on my cheeks. Most of my friends were shocked with this change. I have become pimply-Anne..hehehe..

Now I have stopped using Clinique and right now trying Biotherm Aquasourse Oil-free products..I've learnt my lessons and bought the trial kit instead..So far, so good..Aided with spot treatment, weekly mask and Benefit Dr. Feelgood,my pimples showed sign of reduction in size and less redness..

Currently using Biotherm Aquasource Oil-free

In summary:
Clinique 1-2-3 Steps Pros:
1. Clinique is really worth of your money..Approximately RM1.62 per day..Yes you have to pay quite a lot at your first purchase (RM243/smaller set, RM343/large set)..I have been using Clinique for almost 9 months,and they still have a lot of leftover worth around 4-5 months (with proper usage amount of course)

2. Clinique gives away a lot of trial kits and samples for you to try. Trust me, I had a lot of eye creams, moisturizer, masks and foundations samples.

3. Their consultants (I particularly like the consultants in Metrojaya Mid) are super friendly. They will understand if you have budget issue and won't give you THE LOOK if you tell them that you can't afford the particular items at that moment. 

And hey, I'm not condemning Clinique here. Maybe their 3 steps system is not suitable for me. The consultants told me that it is normal that pimples coming out after I started using Clinique as the system is cleansing out toxins from our skin. But it had been more than 4 months and my skin doesn't show ANY signs of improvements (except from less oily) at all and my pimples are getting worst..Spot treatment and anti-blemish mask are hopeless..I have to admit defeat and stopped using them..One fact we have to bear in mind, different people react differently. I have 4 close friends using Clinique and their complexion is getting better. But I'm still sticking to their foundation, masks and make-up remover. The best and the most suitable for my skin. 

1-2-3 Step Type 3. The one that I were using
The best foundation for oily skin like me

My advise here, buy or ask for a trial kit instead to see whether they suit you or not.

This is the trial kit worth around RM110..But you can ask for free samples instead at their counter  which worth around 2 weeks. Picture credit to:

And I hope this review is quite helpful for Clinique newbies and first-timer.Just sharing my experiences with Clinique