Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nine Muses: My Second Girl Crush!

It is kind of hard for me to go ga ga over girl groups..
I do like the songs, but I don't go up to extend of 24/7 looking for their latest updates and photos..
First, I was blown away by After School..
Secondly, at early 2012, I was blown away for the second time by Nine Muses..
Like After School, the members keep changing..
But not because of the 'admission and graduation' concept..

They're also however *to me* are underrated. They're not as famous as SNSD, 4 Minute or 2NE1..
To be honest, I was quite repulsed at their debut single 'No Playboy'..
I don't give a damn about Nine Muses since then.
2012..While I was looking and updating myself for some quality musics (to my ears..because personal preference is very subjective), I stumbled upon their latest single News.. It was so good that I immediately downloaded both track and the MV..
And I keep replaying..Not satisfied, I look for other track, Figaro..
And since then, I can't have enough..
But since they not given enough spotlight, there are very limited supplies of their variety shows. I have to relies on others to upload the very rare Nine Muses shows. 
Then they came back with Ticket. That song blows me away immediately the moment I heard it.

Current Members

Sera (Leader & Main Vocalist)
Hyun A (Main Vocalist, MY BIAS, joined in late 2010)
Lee Sam (Lead Rapper)
Erin (Main Rapper, Face of The Group)
Eunji (Main Dancer)
Kyungri (Vocalist, joined in 2012)
Hyemi (Lead Vocalist)
Minha (Vocalist,maknae)
Newest Member

Son Sungah

Former Members

Rana (left to pursue individual activities)
Bini (left to pursue individual activities)
Jaekyung (left to pursue modelling)
Despite the limited access to their shows (do something about it, Star Empire Entertainment!), I'm loving them too much.. *ok..not as much as I love After School*
But I saw enough to fall in love with crazy Hyun A, Erin and Lee Sam..

Here are the reasons:

1. Most of them are crazy backstage
2. They carried pin-up girl image..Stunning, mature and sexy..
3. Most of them have great vocals. Even for Lee Sam, the rapper. 

Credit: KissGeneration

4. Their dances are always synchronized
5. Great live performances
6. Every single of the members is drop dead gorgeous. With or without makeup.
7. Most of them are downright crazy!

Funny Moments (See Hyun A crazy boxing and then moaning why she can't have a boyfriend..haha)
Credit: KissGeneration

0:52 - Hyun A making the cat dance with her.. :)
Credit: KissGeneration

Hyun A fooling around
Credit: KissGeneration

How I wish there more variety shows on them so that I can get to know them better... :(
And I'm proud to declare myself a STRUTTER..

Sumandu : Nine Muses Profile
Wikipedia : Nine Muses (band)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nu'est July Comeback Teaser

My sodding life is getting better and better...
I haven't gotten over my After School fever..
Then, came a new over Super Junior comeback..
And now......Nu'est!!
*I'm getting crazy crazy here..somebody please call an ambulance*
Nu'est released their upcoming comeback teaser today (28th June 2012)...
Each of them is holding an opera mask with dark mysterious background..
And leader has one-of-a-kind pink/purple opera mask..teehee..

Their next comeback is due in mid-July..
Credit: dkpopnews

My Kpop Bias (Female Group)

This is a counter-attack post to Vee..
This is war vee..Waaaaar!! *ehem enough drama*
In conjunction with my previous post on my K-pop bias (Male Group), I'm sharing with you all, my female Kpop bias, namely the female group.
But since I'm not really much of a fan of female Kpop groups, I will also stated  my mini-bias on other groups that I always keep track at each comeback..

Real & True Bias

After School-Jungah
My close friends are aware of it. I'm kind of going crazy over her..
I keep track on her updates..
Downloading her latest picture..
I've started falling head over heels with Jungah when I saw her in Ah! clip.
I feel in love with her soft features and yet so sexy..
And I really like her voice.. thinking hard how to avoid Jungah being 'kidnap' by Vee..Hahaha..

Nine Muses-Hyun A

Yesss..I really like them..Surprise huh? Like AS, they also have the sexy and mature aura that I really like. Actually, I was kinda horrified at their debut track 'No Playboy'..I never give a damn about them until they came back with 'News'..There everything began..I set my gaze upon new member, Hyuna. I was mesmerized by her beauty..

And she's crazy despite her looks. Just like Lizzy After School. Actually, every single member is gorgeous. Just like After School (again). Kinda hard to choose a bias. But I settled on my love-at-first-sight momentos..hahaha..


Miss A - Fei
A really great and talented group. But I'm not really a fan. But I always have my eyes on Fei..

My heart, my eyes and my mouth keep telling me she's beautiful...

F(x) - Luna
From Chu until Electric Shock, I'm attracted to Luna because she's talented and her voice is superb. This is the first female member that I've like because of her voice. 

Kara - Gyuri
I don't really like their songs. I don't really dig their images. But i can't really peel my eyes off the leader..

With or without makeup, brunette or blond..She is just..bloody perfect..

And oh..this time, my biases are almost based on looks and hotness..Nothing much to do with talents..Hihi..I'm baaaaad~

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My K-Pop Bias (Male Group)

It is 1.30 am and I'm still fresh as hell!
Bored with my Facebook page already..
So I've decided to babble on my blog instead..
This is an unplanned, last minute post..
So please forgive me if this post is blasé...
And I only focusing on groups that I called myself their fans and keep updating their latest comebacks and variety shows.

Super Junior
My very first K-pop love..It was 2010 and I blamed my eonnie for exposing this to me..
*Damn you eonnie!!*
From Kibum to Donghae to Leeteuk..
My final bias finally settled on pretty boy Lee Sungmin
Everything about him is pretty, sweet and cute..
He's too adorable..
I can't get enough of him..
How can I not loving that beautiful smile?? *hanyan*
Addicted to their Ring Ding Dong track, I started digging their previous songs and first fell in love with Almighty Key.
After a while, my attention started to switch to their main vocal, the brunette Jonghyun after watching Hello Baby.
His voice is so powerful, each times he throws an ad lib, I have goosebumps.
He's manly and getting intensely buff at each comeback.. *Swoon!*
Hello delicious!!
My 2011 love. Fall in love immediately with Fiction, I've feverishly stacking up Beast tracks on my player ever since. 
My gaze fell upon another pretty man..
Jang Hyun Seung..
A pretty boy with a face and a voice..
I like his 'Troublemaker' image the best!

Yes, as my friend pointed it out, the name is....sigh!
Ubiquitous Korean International idol Super Star
Damn! It was quite a mouthful..
My one and only bias..Never change..
Shin Soohyun.
The moment I lay my eyes on him in Neverland clip, I make sure I know his name that very second!
He's not the most good looking man on planet but he is already handsome to me..
Armed with a powerful voice *meltingggg*, pervert-inducing-thoughts solid body, he seems so REAL to me..
He proves that you don't need to be beautiful to be perfect..
Every time he sings, I just........melt~
Über delicious bod and voice..yum yum!

Nu' est
The start of an era going gaga over boys as young as my 4th brother..Damn!
Now where is the elixir of life??
So that I can love them without feeling guilty like a pedophile..Hahaha..
Here is an exception..I actually have two biases..
First is White Tiger Baekho
I first went gaga over him when he appeared in After School's Play Your Love..
I went like "oh my, that is one great looking boy"
And despite his weird debut hairstyle (trust me, I don't like it)..
I'm still drawn to him..
Baekho-pre debut
Well hello there..from white kitty into white tiger..
Then, I stumbled upon leader smiling picture, JR..
Now now..How can I not like that?
That smile of his can melt the iciest heart!

At first, I don't really like the extravagance teasers of Exo.
After the released of History, I began warming up to them..
It was Kai at first, but after a while I started paying attention on Baekhyun..
He's both super cute and bless with high-pitched,steady voice..
I really like his vocal in Mama..
I keep replaying that track just to listen to his voice.
And his image in Mama, is dark and rebellious..His gaze is intense!!I like!

Upon makeup removal......

He looks so young, pure and innocent!

My latest addiction.. My bias is Woohyun..
As usual, he has THE VOICE that can melt women hearts.
The reason I keep replaying their tracks is because of his voice..
I swoon over his part..
I fly...I...*realized that I could not fly..Damn spoiler!*
And of course because their songs are great too...

I like his 'Paradise' image the best..
He looks so cool and smexy *smart & sexy*

The pattern is obvious..I'm attracted to the member with THE VOICE and most  of them have Hyun in their names..
SooHYUN, WooHyun, BaekHYUN, JongHYUN, HYUNseung, JongHYUN (JR's real name)...
And now...if only I can integrate HYUN in Sungmin's and Baekho's names..
How about Sungminhyun and Baekhohyun or maybe Donghohyun (Baekho's real name)???
Nahhhh!! It is weird..Just leave them be..
Why so obsessed with pattern, AnneJ??

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Super Junior 6th Jib: Sungmin, Kangin, Kyuhyun and Siwon Teasers

Again, I'm reviewing 4 teasers at a time..
So that my post appear longer..
As usual, our boys' teaser are getting more artistic..
Gulp!! Containing my excitement very very hard because I'm at work!!! But...but...but..but...I can't!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! He's my bias!!
Usually, I fall for members with THE VOICE but here, there is an exception..
Because he's too cute and adorable!!!
I feels like gigit (bite) him, cubit (pinch) him..SM might sues me for for sexual harrasment..muahahaha..
Dubbed as pretty boy in the group, he looks exactly like a princess stepping out from a manga..holding a flower..searching for her-slash-his knight in a shining amour...
So soft and serene..with a lil' bit of sad expression on his face..
Maybe because his soulmate is so busy playing games to notice him..muahahaha..


The raccoon stepping out as priest-slash-evil warlock (in my opinion O_o)
With veil-like hood, he's blowing a cold kiss that will turn any fan into living ice for staring unblinking at his gorgeousness..
*ok I'm talking nonsense here..haha*
It's great to see him back at stage after two-years temporary hiatus due to military sevice..


The simplest and the greatest teaser so far...And I'm 200% sure that my eonnie is having ultimate spasm there back at JB..Because, (gulp!) I myself going "whoa..whoa..whoa"plus some jaw-dropping and spasming.. He too looks lost..Maybe looking for his lost princess-slash-prince a.k.a Sungmin..He-slash-she is looking for you too Sex God!! (O_o in my imagination) Oh my, he looks so masculine..And perfect.. No need all those mind-boggling headgears and extreme makeup to emphasize the hotness in our maknae..Damn!


Eeeeek!! Siwon-sshi!! He's donning a wig and flowery hat too..And still looking masculine as ever..The trademark bushy eyebrows give him away..And thank God he's not semi nude in undies short..He's looking like a white witch....with a *ehem* flower hat..hahaha..

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Super Junior 6th Jib: LeeTeuk, Ryeowook, Yesung and Shindong Teasers

This comeback starts to overwhelms me!!
With these mind-boggling-slash-amazing teasers..
I can't contained my excitement anymore..
Let's get back to business..
The teasers keep coming in pair
First the Eunhae runaway bride-70s-feminine teasers
Now let us see leader Leeteuk and Ryeowook teasers

Our leader

Seriously, our loveable boys look like they're performing live modern arts. It's yes Ryeowook (no problem recognizing him) but I have troubles believing this is LeeTeuk...donning a leaf-motif headgear and over-usage of kohl and beads (I believe it is so), I keep blinking and staring to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me.. It is indeed our leader..Spasm!!!

Yesung and Shindong


Again! I had troubles recognizing Yesung. He looks so young and innocent..Ok not so innocent since he 'mischievously' wears twigs on his head and unbutton his shirts..Tsk tsk tsk! Making us the fans having pervy thoughts.. ;p

And Shindong looks like he's just been taken out from the fridge and put in the middle of photoshoot..Muahahaha..

No wonder these teasers were released simultaneously..
It's because they're bringing similar concept..
Nature..(I guess)
Ok ok..the original concept is sexy, free and single..
But I don't feel any of it for these four men teasers..
I feels like they're performing a live nature modern art..
It is just my opinion.. :)

Am I Still A Pabo (fool)??

I stumbled upon these two entries I wrote 2 years ago..
And I'm kinda amazed how I've changed over this short time..
Trust me, two years gap is basically nothing..

So how my 2012 self looks like??
Still the same??Or change already??

1. No more pimples or acnes scattered over my face. They appeared occasionally..I've been very strict with my skincare routine (ok ok, kekadang malas.. ;p)..And yes, that still cost a lot of money.. :(

2. My driving skills are waaaaay better than 2010 me..I can reverse park with one eye closed (cannot close both eyes laa...surely will langgar dinding like that..haha). I balance clutch and gas pedal during a traffic stop at hill with my both eyes closed..*gila berlagak*

3. I'm not a driving bimbo anymore. I remember to close my door before I drive. In fact, with these news on kidnapping, the first thing I do when I enter my car is to make sure I lock my doors (all 4 of them) for I ignite the engine..Then, I do this...

What??I'm a woman hokayyy~

4. Naaah..I'm so over Caramel Macchiato..Now I'm crazy about Soy Green Tea Latte..yum yum!

5. SS501 who??? hahaha..Still crazy (seriously) over After School.. And move on already. Now I'm digging Infinite and U-Kiss (like VEE said, the name is ridiculous but the songs are not)

6. Oh here still the same..Still being chase by my supervisor for my thesis and progress reports. ;p But this time, I have a hunk as my acting-supervisor..Wanna see?? Nah...Maybe next time..teehee..

7. Oh man!! I'm sooo over Boys Over was sooo I've feverishly re-watch Rooftop Prince..One of the best K-Drama I have watched..

8. Now my own brother doubts my make-up skills as he is getting wiser..Hahahaha..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alkisah Jejaka Kacak

Tadi masa beli crispy waffle kat The Mines..
*eh sedap taw taw waffle dia..tak lembik*
*Murah pulak tu RM2.70..tapi tak ingat nama kedai..hahaha*
*eh sempat pulak promote*
Lagi sekali...
Tadi masa beli crispy waffle kat The Mines..
Ternampak seorang jejaka yang kacak tahap fulamakatak!!
Serious hensem sangat..
Sebijik macam orang korea..
Kurus tinggi...
Putih susu, kulit bersih sangat..
Rambut pun ala-ala Korea..
Alaaaa...Yang rambut depan herot ke tepi tu..
*eh..macam fail je nak describe rambut??*
Pape je lah..
Dia pun nak beli waffle..
I apa lagi, betul-betul kan sikit rambut..
Senyum jangan bagi nampak gigi
*yelaa..pagar ai kan tak cukup*
*kang tersedak jejaka kacak tu*
Cover ayu sket
*sambil teringat masa keluar tadi, ada touch up bedak ke tak*
Rupa dia macam ni..
Serious tak tipu..

Noo Min Woo..
Sekali dengar suara dia nak order...
Ge-gurl rupenye...


Hampeh betul!!
Sentap ai!
Baru ingat nak main mata...
Sekali sejenis aku daaa...
Terus muka I herot balik..
Even kakak yang jual waffle pun kata "laaaa..aku ingat jantan tadi"
Dah la..
Balik makan waffle dengan perasaan kecewa..

The 3 Songs That Lift Up My Mood

I've been facing tough weeks..
I failed my entry exam..
Never-ending, always in circle sad stories..
Under appreciated...

But luckily..
I have these 3 current songs in mp3 to take me to my own little world for a while and forget my miseries..

1. After School-Flashback

This song makes me feels sexy..
I feel like dancing and forget about the fussy problems..
"B...b..b..boy i miss you"
I'm swinging my body yeah!!

2. Hello Venus - Venus

Even my own self surprised at this..
Usually, I don't really dig cutesy concept and songs..
But I found myself humming to this song..
This is like-able..
This song makes me feels sooo light and happy..
I even did cute poses like the duck's lips while humming this song..

3. F(x) - Electric Shock

Listening to this song, I feels like walking around with chin up high, flowing swishy hair and look nastily at people who upset me.
Maybe I should wear heels and a suit too..and put my hair up in chignon..
*flip my hair here*
*swish my hair there*

And the moment I caught myself in the mirror doing either of these 3 songs' imaginary movements, I've stopped myself..
Because I look ridiculous and horrendous..
I should just be the female version of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock The Third and get myself a toothless dragon..
Aiyah, just go and read or watch How To Train Your Dragon

Friday, June 22, 2012

Super Junior 6th Jib: Donghae Teaser

This is getting interesting and more mind-boggling than the first teaser..
A concept that is least expected from my Suju..

At first glance, I honestly thought this is a picture of a very soft-looking girl..
Staring harder, I realized this 'woman' is actually Donghae!!!
With veil and and a see-through top!! (Thank God..hihihihi..perv!)
He also sporting a longer hair-do..
Damn why he has to be prettier than the real women??
This is getting much more exciting!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Super Junior 6th Jib: Eunyuk Teaser

I've been so busy loosing my breath over After School, I almost forgot about Super Junior..
(Shame on you AnneJ for calling yourself an ELF)
So, when the news of the comeback starts circulating, I've started to feels the fever..Exhilarating!

Here's the 1st teaser, Suju dancing machine, Eunhyuk (no no, he's a human, alright not literally a machine..haha)..
I'm here not to be among the first to announce to the world the release of the teaser because obviously I'm way left behind..
(I blame you, the slow internet!)
I'm here to give my comments..

The concept: Sexy, free & single
The exact words to describe this picture is...."this is mind-boggling"
I don't how to describe it..
He looks so carefree..
And he has long hair! I repeat, long hair!!
The 70s inpired hairstyle..even the outfits exuded a 70s inpired aura..
Shaggy and long..
Eunhyuk always has short hairstyle..
Only the chosen color is quite mind boggling..
Now, it's vice versa..
Normal color, mind-boggling hairstyle..
He even wears flowered eyemask, or eyeband or maybe a headband wears as an eye accessory (whatever you called it)..
Nevertheless, the teaser makes me feel so calm..The picture emanates softness and calmness..
Since it's so mind-boggling, I can't wait for rest of the members' teaser and the comeback!!
And please, no more semi-nude Siwon no matter how solid, drools-dripping and drools-worthy his body is...

Credit: Super Junior