Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: The Skin Food Chlorella Nose Clear Patch

It was something I had to buy in order to earn The Skin Food stamps..
*RM20, get 1 stamp*
Since it was sell in individual packet, I thought "heck! Why not?" and I grabbed 5 of them
I can always do with extra nose packs since I have severe whiteheads scattered around my nose..

After two weeks of not using the nose pack in order to test out the Chlorella Nose Pack just to see and test the effectivity..
My whiteheads are too much, they become visible to naked eyes from far and some of them started poking out already *erlack!*

Sorry guys, I did tried my best to capture my whiteheads in action but this is the best I can get. I'm only using my Sony Ericsson Vivaz camera.. I'm not in the position to buy a very quality camera..yet.

Main Ingredient
Chlorella produced by Daesang
*The chlorella that I'm familiar is usually has anti-oxidant effect, skin restructuring etc*
Now what the hecks it is doing in a nose pack?
Never mind..
Since there is no ingredient list, there is nothing I can do..

The name is already misleading me. I though it was a CLEAR/transparent nose patch. After looking at the horrid green patch, I've realized the meaning of 'clear' on the packet is to clear off the blackheads and whiteheads.

Retail priceRM2.70

How To Use
1. Cleanse and tone your face
2. Wet your nose area
3. Slap the patch onto your nose *be careful not to wet the patch..dried your hands first before applying the patch*
4. Camwhore for 10-15 mins..*muahaha*

The Result

It should be called Chlorella Nose "You're Fooled..hahaha" Clear Patch instead.. >________<
It does almost nothing to remove my whiteheads..let alone the stubborn blackheads..Grrrr..
Mind you, I haven't removed my black&whiteheads for two weeks.
Trust me, they're camping there, really really cosy, on my nose..

I think I had myself really CLEAR in the result section. ABSOLUTELY NO REPURCHASING...Thank God it's only RM2.70. Even Biore did a BETTER job than this and I hate Biore.. And to think I have 4 more of this 'unCLEAR' patches in my stashes. T__T

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