Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: The Face Shop Face It Extreme Bold Pen Liner

As an eyeliner junkie, I've always fond of discovering new eyeliners. From pencil to pen to liquid eyeliner...
But since I've found out that I have oily eyelids, I had stopped buying pencil eyeliner (yes, even the waterproof range does not have the waterproof effect on my eyes, they melted within a few hours, making me look like a panda.. @__@)
So I was intrigued when i saw this eyeliner..
They claimed that it can produce cat-like effect..
Can be use both as thin and thick liner..
Retail PriceRM54.90

It looks like a permanent marker pen. >__<
Feels like I'm holding a marker pen but with sharp edge of course..

1. I drew using the fine end tip
2. Using the broader side of the liner
3. Drawing using the broader part first then flicking at the end using the fine tip.

1. I drew my eyes in thick/bold line
2. Finer line using the tip
Thumbs Up
1. For a pen eyeliner, it has the blackest black. Which I like in my eyeliner. Usual pen liner has grayish black color.
2. The solid tip make it very easy for me to draw the liners
3. Easier to draw the flick end. I don't have to "draft"it first.
4. Can be removed easily

Thumbs Down
1. Quite pricey. Unless during sales period.
2. Have to overlay several times to get the desired intensity as this liner is easily affected if there is a layer of eyeshadows. Have to wipe the shadows off the liner first before proceeding.
3. The mother of 'my' thumbs down, it does not last. Within a few hours, the flicked end melted away and after 1/2 day, the color started to fade. But thankfully when it faded, it just faded, it didn't leave a streak. And of course it stayed 3-4 hours longer than pencil eyeliner.

For me, no..I'll stick to liquid eyeliner.

1. For pen liner users
2. Those who doesn't know how to use liquid eyeliner but favor a liquid eyeliner effect, this is for you
3. For those who has normal eyelids (meaning non-oily laa..haha)

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