Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: The Skin Food Argan Oil Hair Silk Mask

My hair is course, thick, extremely dry and brittle at the end but oilier at the scalp area..
Due to frequent rebonding (I get my hair straight once a year)..
Please..if you have unruly thick hair like me (even woke up to a lion hair in the morning), you'll too straighten your hair..
And for some time, I quite neglected my hair until it become extremely damage with massive frizzies..
None of the affordable hair treatments (pardon me but I can't afford expensive ones at the moment) do wonders to my hair..
The I came across The Skin Food Argan Oil Hair Silk Mask..
It's a single pack convinient hair mask that offer 2-stage care...
It claims to tranform dry, brittle hair into calm, soft tresses..

Main Ingredient
Argan Oil- Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins E which are great in keeping moisture

Retail Price: RM16.90
"Quite affordable for special ocassion"

How To Use
1. After shampoo, patt off excess water from hair and massage the treatment through hair without touching the scalp
2. Wear the essence cap, massage hair lightly and wait 10 mins
3. Rinse off the treatment and shampoo your hair again

The hair treatment
The hair treatment is pale pink gel-like in texture but creamy to the touch. The amount provided is generous.. Enough to cover my whole thick tresses and I'm very happy about it. Upon application, I can feel the treatment sort of melted into my hair.

The paper haircap is wetted with essence and is quite fragile. I already torn the cap quite at few places (clumsy me..hehe)..
A few minutes after putting on my cap, I use my hairdryer for 2 mins to quickly warm my hair as heat help the treatment to be absorb into hair.

Thumbs Up
I used this hair mask trice (once a week) before I finally writing down my opinions on it
1. The amount is generous! Enough to cover my hair which is long and thick
2. Affordable
3. Most inportantly, THE RESULT... My hair does feels like a silk after washing. Even after 3 days, my hair still soft to the touch (I can't keep my hands off them..teehee).. My hair is much more managable now with less frizzies (which less looking like a lioness).. I even dared myself to go out to work right after my hair wash. Usually, my hair will look like a dried broom when air-dry. So I seldom wash my hair in the morning. I wash them at night. And tadaa! Lesser looking like a broom and more like actually hair.

Thumbs Down
1. The smell..It was quite overpowering to me..But since I'm not holding my breath while applying it, I'll tolerate with it. :)

100% will buy it again. Go ahead! Try it. :)


  1. Seriously kak nurul? rasa macam nak beli lah.. adeh.. rambut dalin sebijik macam kak nurul described yours.. too dry and brittle at the end with splits, and oily on scalp! tension betoi...

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  3. Beli dalin jgn xbeli hehe.. kak nurul suka sangat~

  4. hihi.. will do.. dekat QB ada kan? if im not mistaken lah.. packaging dia mcm typical face mask tu kan..