Monday, February 23, 2015

Review : The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Crystal Water Super Gel

I never raved on a moisturizer so much..
Until I stumbled upon this superb gel..

Main Ingredient
1. 100% organic water from north pole
2. Contained phyto-Hyaluronic Acid (from plant, so all vegans out there, no worries!!)
3. Xylitol from sugarcane (the lovely cooling feeling)

This lovely moisturizer has 7-free system!
1. Paraben Free (usually used as preservatives)
2. Benzophenol Free (Color preservative)
3. Animal origin free 
4. Mineral oil free
5. Triethanolamine free (emulsifier, surfactant)
6. Sulphate free
7. Artificial colorant free

So, with this 7-free system, this moisturizer will prevent our skin from becoming more sensitive..

Retail Price : RM89.90 for 100ml

How to use
After toner and serum, massage the gel in outward motions

The Texture
Translucent pale blue in color and gel texture

Thumbs Up!
1. So cooling and soothing upon application. So good especially for those who has been exposed to sun. It will calm the tingling feeling. Really, I've been there.
2. Since it is an oil-free moisturizer, this can help to tighten pores..
3. Has water capsule system, which means that it can hold our face moisture.
4. The smell is soothing and refreshing
5. Easily absorb. Around 1 minute then my face feels soft to the touch. 
6. My skin feels hydrate and has a boing-boing effect >__<
7. Worth every ringgit. Trust me, usually moisturizers come in 50 ml for a similar price. I've checked!

Bonus Point
1. 4 month ago, I accidentally spilled hot water on my hands. It was so scalding hot, I just don't know what to do. Last time I've put on toothpaste, it did nothing to sooth my scalds. So I've gambled by massaging my Super Gel onto my scalds and it DOES soothed my painful scalds. And within a few hours, the scalds DID NOT swelled up. Now, there is no burnt mark on my hand. It is a good aid.
2. Everytime I've decided to do a skin suicide (eg: trying on new disastrous skincare), this gel always help my skin to revert back into its original condition.

Thumbs Down
1.It does contained alcohol. :(
2. Not oil-controlling 

Oh my god! I've raving about it. DEFINITELY repurchasing it again

So for those who has dehydrated oily skin, this is the one for you. Try it. And you will love it. :)

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